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Yoga and Pilates Classes Shepherds Bush W12

Get into weekly yoga and pilates classes
to feel fitter, healthier, happier!

Practising Yoga and Pilates regularly stimulates:

  • reduced stress
  • reduced back pain and improved core strength & fortitude
  • improved physical fitness and muscule tone
  • more efficient bodily functions and excess weight loss
  • enhanced energy levels
  • increased self-awareness
  • more positive outlook
  • and of course stimulates mood-enhancing endorphins!

Class sizes are 6 to 9 participants, ensuring personal attention.
Beginners are welcome! Get started by booking yourself a FREE Trial Class:

pilates shepherds bush yoga w12


Purchase a popular Class Package to use for ANY classes listed below. Class Packages can be arranged at Reception or over telephone in advance for late evening classes 020 8749 3792. Debit/Credit Cards accepted including Amex over telephone or in person at Reception.

£14 per Drop-In class or buy a
5 Class Card £70
10 Class Card £140 plus 1 bonus class!
20 Class Card £260 plus 2 bonus classes!

Class Packages RENEWAL

Special Offer for NEW CLIENTS this month!

Book yourself a FREE TRIAL CLASS and then if you want to get fitter, you can purchase either offer:
10 Class Card for £120 plus 1 bonus extra class
20 Class Card for £220 plus 2 extra classes (save 40!)

HOW TO BOOK: Easiest to book your Free Trial Class ONLINE
or alternatively email Reception or call 020 8749 3792

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: When you are ready to purchase a NEW CLIENT Package use either PayPal below, pay at Reception or over telephone using debit/credit card

Class Packages (Introductory Offer)

Yoga Retreats and Meditation Retreats

Treat yourself to a relaxing weekend Yoga Retreat at The Happiness Centre's dedicated retreat centre in East Sussex - see next Yoga Retreats

Learn mindfulness meditation for reducing stress (MBSR) at one of our regular weekend Meditation Retreats UK - see next Meditation Retreats

Weekly Class Schedule

as at June 2016

Keep an eye out for NEW classes announced by email ... including Meditation, Yoga Workshops and Yoga Retreats!


Purchase a Class Package for use on any type of class. Class Packages can be arranged at Reception or booking over telephone for late evening classes 020 8749 3792. Debit/Credit Cards accepted including Amex over telephone or in person at Reception.

£14 per Drop-In class or buy a
5 Class Card £70
10 Class Card £140 plus 1 bonus class!
20 Class Card £260 plus 2 bonus classes!

Client Experience:
"I’ve had ongoing back problems and doing Pilates at The Happiness Centre has made a huge difference. Maria Hipler (Saturday Pilates) gives everyone personal attention and looks after each person in the class. Going to her classes has made my body feel completely different in only 2 weeks … fantastic … please book me for next Saturday!"
Farzana, TV Producer

Class sizes are 6 to 9 participants, ensuring personal attention.

Each class fills quickly, so book in advance. There may be space on a class - email Reception now or call 020 8749 3792

pilates shepherds bush yoga w12

All Instructors are fully-qualified and are passionately committed to the practice of yoga or pilates. Many have travelled the world, deepening their experience. We welcome everyone from beginners to advanced. If you are needing help to choose the right class for you, simply call Reception on 020 8749 3792.

Ask about speciality yoga: Kids, Parent and Child, Pregnancy, One-to-One, Yoga at Work and Desk Stretch sessions.

Classes are held at

  • The Happiness Centre studio
    (small, friendly classes of up to 8 people for developing individual skill and practice)
  • Chi-Gong held upstairs in the small group room
  • Onsite at workplaces all around London - ask us how we can easily bring yoga and pilates to your workplace
  • Kids Yoga onsite at schools

For more information and to book call 020 8749 3792

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Yoga and Pilates classes held in W12 Shepherds Bush:

Those who practice Yoga and Pilates regularly are less anxious and more resistant to stress. Tone the whole body, build strength and stamina, improve flexibility and suppleness, increase energy levels, improve breathing, concentration and bring clarity and stability to your mind and strengthen the immune system. Complete forms of exercise that connect the body to the mind and self, achieving balanced development and harmony.

Pilates is a body conditioning and control method targeting core postural muscles, to build strength from the inside out. Pilates is designed to rebalance the body, bringing it into correct alignment, improving posture and body function. A great way to relieve unwanted stress and tension with its slow, controlled approach creating sustained long term results. It is especially recommended by medical specialists for back problems and for office workers who spend extended periods seated, using a computer and phone. “In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference and in thirty you’ll have a new body” Joseph Pilates. Our teachers are usually either Body Control Pilates or Pilates Institute trained. Post-natal Pilates is also available ... email or call the centre to discuss which class would be ideal for you postnatal.

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Cardio Pilates Energise your day with this fun workout and power up your body. With cardio pilates, you burn calories, tone your body and develop muscles at the same time. Includes using dumbells, small medicine balls and resistance bands for a really challenging pilates experience. Open to all levels of pilates including beginners. Ideal for postnatal pilates.

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Hatha Yoga - Hatha is the generic term for all yoga. It translates as Sun-Moon, representing the male/female energy of the body. It is often a slower practice, ideally suited as a Beginners Yoga class. Incorporates restorative yoga and a longer Savasana (lay down asana/posture) meditation session at the end for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

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Dynamic Hatha Yoga - A more energetic form of yoga. Focusing on building strength, flexibility and alignment, balancing the two energies in the body yin and yang. A fantastic was to start or end any day. Suitable for all levels of ability.

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Dynamic Yoga (vinyasa flow) incorporates the precision of Iyengar with the energy of Ashtanga, synchronising breath and movement in a seamless flow. Each posture is linked in a fluid manner with poses modified to suit the needs of the individual. This is a higher energy yoga to improve muscle tone and definition, alleviate stress and tension or increases core strength and fitness / stamina for specific sports. Those participants prefering an incorporated Ashtanga style are recommended to join this category of class. We do not currently hold any pure Ashtanga classes as the Vinyasa flow style is increasingly popular. Tuesday evening and Saturday Yoga classes incorporates Jivamukti Yoga as the teacher Maria Hipler is an outstanding and popular international Jivamukti Yoga teacher.

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Iyengar Yoga is a systematic, safe and accessible approach that emphasizes correct alignment while developing strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. This course covers the twelve classic Asanas (postures), yoga breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation and other basic postures. The course is suitable for complete beginners, or for those who have done some yoga and are out of practice, or an excellent ‘back to basics’ for the more advanced.

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Lunchtime Yoga has been specifically designed to give you the most benefit in the least time. Stretch out the daily desk pains, improve posture, concentration, productivity and take your mind away from work stressors for a while. We make sure you can go back to work comfortably, without worrying about ‘gym odours’, and feeling like you’ve had a whole day away – all in 55 minutes. Perfect if you are just down the road working at BBC!

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Pregnancy Yoga will help you to connect and flow with the natural rhythm and workings of your body therefore aiding the adjustment to the changes you will experience during the course of pregnancy. During pregnancy, yoga is used to strengthen, tone and relaxing your body creating more space for your baby to develop easily. Through breath work you will prepare your muscles for the birthing process. The class can accommodate all levels of pregnancy as the group is small. Available to those 12 weeks or more and up to 40 weeks.

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Chi Yoga This class will bring you back to the original intention of yoga – mainly an inward focus, breathing, asana, yoga postures and chi (energy) movements to connect within body and quiten the mind. “In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.” Mahatma Gandhi. This chi-gong inspired yoga is an inward journey in ‘stilling’ the wandering mind, thus allowing the muscle tissue to expand the consciousness. It is a way of entering the body’s internal conversation, consciously intervening in its biochemical interaction. Through pranayamic “breathing” we teach the mind to reconnect with the body and to systematically dismantle the egotism which distorts our view of the world, letting go of self-manufactured obsessions that impede our spiritual evolution. Excellent for letting go of work-related stress.


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Chi Gong / Qi Gong teaches you how to better manage your 'energy' Similarly to electricity - we know electricity is 'real' because when we turn on a switch the light or power goes ON. However scientists don't yet fully understand exactly how electricity really DOES work - but we all know it DOES! This is the same for our own personal 'energy' management. Chi Gong reveals how to notice, feel, move and manage your energy within and outside of your 'self'. This awareness enables you to be more pro-active with releasing unproductive / stale energy, building up your own inner energy and attracting more of it. This awareness makes a NOTICEABLE difference to your daily 'quality of life', active energy levels, vitality and promotes increased endorphins - the 'feel good' chemicals that create feelings of happiness. CLICK HERE to read more details


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Tai Chi for Health is a set of flowing movements performed at a slow, rhythmic pace while maintaining a state of relaxation, balance, alertness and structural integrity. Fundamental to achieving this is learning the internal aspects of what, in tai chi, is called "the form" (of movements) not just learning the external movements! Come along and try it out to really understand the simplicity, elegance and effectiveness of tai chi for helping you feel happier! Designed with and using the principles of Chinese medicine and qigong, taichi can help balance your energy, balance your mood, help regenerate injuries and optimise your health. Everyone can benefit from learning dynamic tai chi for lifelong health! Millions of people worldwide practice tai chi every day.


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