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Western Herbal Medicine

Western Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine and the forefather of conventional medicine.

Mother nature provides 100% plant based natural herbs that contain various substances in perfect quantities within each plant. The whole of the active portion of the plant is used providing the perfect balance of active constituents required for gentle and effective healing. Plants indigenous to the British Isles and Europe are used, and some plants from Indian and Chinese are used as well.

Modern Western Herbal medicine practitioners are trained to combine traditional and conventional diagnostic and treatment principles, and steer away from the approach that ‘one size fits all’.

The individual is treated as a whole person, taking into account symptoms, physiology and constitutional type. This approach offers long term effective results in helping the body to correct imbalances and restore harmony.

The effectiveness of herbal medicine is continuously being backed up by a growing body of medical research, much of which is recognised by conventional medicine.

The Consultation

A detailed case history is taken including: your past medical history including the symptoms you present with, your present state of health & medicines, treatments, childhood illnesses, family medical history, diet and lifestyle.

Blood pressure and pulse are taken.
If necessary this is followed by a physical examination, relating to the presenting symptoms.

A treatment plan is discussed which includes Herbal Medicines and may include some dietary changes.

Herbal Medicines are mainly prescribed in a liquid format (preserved in a small amount of alcohol) which is to be taken with a small amount of water or apple juice, if preferred.

Pleasant-tasting herbal teas, capsules, tablets, creams and lotions may also be prescribed.

A follow-up consultation, is scheduled 2 -4 weeks after the initial consultation

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