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Can Psychosynthesis help me?

The answer may be YES if you are:

  • Dealing with a period of transition or crisis
  • Questioning where you are going in your life
  • Experiencing difficulty in intimate relationships
  • Struggling with grief, depression or anxiety
  • Seeking to find your spiritual path

What is it?

  • “Soul Making” is the literal meaning of Psychosynthesis
  • It does not offer a cure to suffering, but a safe, confidential environment in which to explore and appreciate who we are and what we may be
  • It aims to promote deep and lasting change by working with our innate drive towards synthesis
  • By bringing awareness and choice to both conscious and unconscious forces that are at work in shaping our lives

What will be achieved?

As a result of this therapeutic process we can:

  • Free ourselves from destructive and debilitating patterns of behaviour
  • Align to a deeper source of purpose, meaning and direction
  • Open more fully to our potential as human beings

What is involved?

  • “Soul Making” is the literal meaning of Psychosynthesis
  • There is no set length for a period of therapy, but by its very nature it tends to last at least six months to a year

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What has happened has happened
The water you once poured into the wine
Cannot be drained off again,
But everything changes.
You can make a fresh start with your final breath

Bertolt Brecht
"Everything changes"

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