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Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy

Want a natural zest for life?

You being at less than your optimum health does nothing to benefit the world, your relationships, your potential or your longevity!

We know why nutriton is so important to feeling fabulous:

  • Forms the heart of good health and vitality. It optimises how you look, feel and provides the essential building blocks needed to help the body heal itself from stress, dis-ease and imbalances.
  • The food you eat affects every cell and system in your body. It provides the vital nutrients required to maintain your body's health and balance. Each individual has a different requirement according to their lifestyle and genetic weaknesses.
  • Very few of us eat an ideal diet and this, combined with increased exposure to an ever-increasing cocktail of chemicals in our water, foodstuffs and environment, means that our natural detoxification pathways become overwhelmed and blocked. As a result, toxins accumulate in the body, which leaves us feeling sluggish, constantly tired, maybe a bit depressed and with a whole list of niggling complaints such as digestive/bowel problems or headaches.
  • Using a holistic approach to treat the whole body we can discover the root causes of imbalance.

Make an appointment if you would like to:

  • Have a healthy, well-functioning body and mind
  • Feel clear-headed and alert
  • Have younger-looking skin, stronger nails and
  • healthier shiny hair
  • Have improved digestion and elimination
  • Understand and enjoy a healthier way of eating and living
  • Find and maintain your optimum weight

Let us help you transform your individual situation with the support of one of the UK’s leading experts in psychology and Clinical Nutrition, Bianca Madison-Vuleta.

“Having suffered with numerous infections, endless courses of antibiotics and mood swings for years, I was thoroughly fed up and depressed. Their resident Clinical Nutritionist was a revelation! I have followed her health programme with commitment and have been experiencing bounds of energy, weight loss and a long-lost zest for life. Thank you! I will be recommending you to all my friends!”

Book your Clinical Nutrition Consultation today!


We ensure your individual situation is heard, appropriate recommendations made, strategies given and support materials included (expert advice sheets, tracking sheets, valuable information purposeful to your circumstances). Whether it be weight loss, sugar addiction, stress, eating disorders, depression, lacklustre energy, pregnancy care or optimum vitality these sessions are guaranteed to make a difference.

Bianca Madison-Vuleta is one of the UK’s most renowned psychotherapist, clinical nutrition and naturopathic experts who is committed to helping individuals improve the quality of their lives. Bianca is a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and is the Nutrition Expert for the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). Useful credentials alongside her consistently glowing client testimonials of success!



Initial Consultation 75 minutes £95
Follow-on Consultations 1 hour £80

£65 Optional saliva and urine lab test, to complete your bio-chemical picture.

Individual Nutrition Package

  • £150 for 2 hour comprehensive Nutritional Expert Consultation
  • £145 for personalised Clinical Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan and support materials
  • Total normally £295. Purchase together, pay only £275 by debit or credit card

* * * * * * * * * * *

£550 (normally £617)
Instalments available by debit or credit card of 2 x £275

2 month Intensive Nutrition Program includes:

  • Intensive Consultation (2 hrs)
  • Personalised Nutrition Program (2 hrs prep time)
  • 3 x 30 min Nutrition Expert Tele-Coaching Sessions
  • Saliva and urine lab test worth £65
  • Month 2 Consultation (1.25 hr)

How to get started: Book by calling 020 8749 3792 or reserve an Initial 2 hour Consultation for £150 and make your mind upon completion of the session. Should you choose to continue with the program, the Initial Consultation fee is deducted from the total package fee!

* * * * * * * * * * *

£875 (normally £950)
Instalments available by debit or credit card of 3 x £291.66

3 month Intensive Nutrition Program includes:

  • Month 1 Intensive Consultation (2hrs)
  • Personalised Nutrition Program (2hrs prep time)
  • Month 2 Consultation (1 hr)
  • Month 3 Consultation (1 hr)
  • Saliva and urine lab test worth £65
  • Support Materials
  • 6 x 30 min Nutrition Expert Tele-Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited email support over the 3 months

How to get started: Book by calling 020 8749 3792 or reserve an Initial Consultation for £150 and make your mind upon completion of the session. When you choose to continue with the program, the Initial Consultation fee is deducted from the total package fee!


We use a detailed medical and psychological questionnaire as a holistic, integrative tool to determine what the issues, problems and needs are. This is completed during the Initial Consultation. We establish the foundation of a realistic, achievable, sustainable, manageable recommendations, considering your current lifestyle, capabilities etc.

Depending on the your needs and at the discretion of the client, we may suggest you choose to have a saliva and a urine lab test. These are useful additional sources of information on which to base analysis, recommendations and a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan. These are optional, as they are charged extra, but so far everyone has always agreed to have them done, as they are not costly, and very useful to complete the biochemical picture. We leave it up to the individual to decide whether they are prepared to pay for those (cost is £65)

On the basis of all this, we then prepare an individualised, custom-made programme for a client, which is an optional extra two hours of time at £145. These plans are never just nutritional, as nutritional recommendations alone don't reap the same results as looking at a person holistically, from a truly integrative medical perspective, body, mind and spirit.

Our promise for both the 2-month and 3-month programs is for you, as a unique individual, to be as fully seen, heard, understood, diagnosed, given a personalised a programme and supported to create the internalised and external changes required to restore health, balance and vitality. Our clients happily give testimony to expert nutritionist Bianca Madison-Vulete going ‘beyond the call of duty’ to support sustained transformations for her clients world-wide.

Coaching is of great help as encouragement, accountability and incentive to take action to progress your personalised transformation plan. If you choose a 2-month or 3-month program, regular Nutrition Tele-Coaching sessions are included as an important element to sustainable success.

More questions? Then simply call Reception on 020 8749 3792.

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