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Life Coaching

There’s a lot of talk about coaching these days, and the media are starting to pick up on the subject in all kinds of ways – whether it’s getting ‘experts’ onto TV shows, soundbites in newspapers or articles from people who’ve experienced what it’s like to be coached.

But coaching has been around for a long time and has been used successfully for decades to get all kinds of people some great results, and most successful people in the world today will have had some form of coaching in their lives. Tom Cruise, Richard Branson and Tiger Woods are just three incredibly successful and talented individuals who’ve sought the help of a coach, and with the increased visibility and availability of this unique service, so can you.

So what is it?

Coaching is all about you, your life and how you want to live it. It’s about who you are and what you really want your life to be about. The bottom line is that we all get one shot at living our lives, we all want the best for ourselves and these days there are more choices than ever.

The huge number of choices we face can sometimes be a curse as well as a blessing, and it’s easy for people to feel stuck or not know which way to turn or which path to follow. A coach can help you to cut to the chase, recognise your strengths, uncover what’s most important to you and get clear on the kind of life you’d love to live.

Specifically, coaching can help you to

  • Identify a compelling career path
  • Create options for moving forwards and select the best approach for you
  • Eliminate the negatives in your relationship and make it fun again
  • Boost your confidence so that you’re able to get the results you’d love to see
  • Allow you to see where you’ve limited yourself in the past and remove those limitations
  • Get control of your finances and make them work for you
  • Get rid of all those little things that bug you or that you find yourself tolerating
  • Reduce your stress levels and get a real sense of balance
  • Figure out what your ideal relationship looks like and how you can help to make it a reality
  • Raise your self-esteem so that you can be proud and excited by who you are and what you’re doing

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You set the agenda, you call the shots and you get the benefits, whatever you want them to be. The scary part is that coaching is about making you accountable for what happens next – after all it’s up to you to create the kind of life you want – but your coach will challenge and support you in equal measure.

The coaches here at The Happiness Centre are all highly trained and experienced, and have been hand picked because of their talent, coaching style and track record in helping their clients move forwards and achieve amazing results.

Call 020 8749 3792 to get started. If not now, then when?


Couples Coaching

What is Couples Coaching?

Couples coaching is about three things:
  • you
  • your partner
  • and how you relate to each other
A relationship isn't something that sits outside of you, some external object that you can point at and blame.  A relationship is about how two people relate to each other.  Couples coaching is about moving forwards, both of you getting your own stuff sorted out, and working on the relationship from your own amazing perspectives.

How Does It Work?

Each month, both you and your partner receive two personal coaching sessions and there's a group coaching session where all three of us take part. Your one-to-one coaching sessions follow the same formula as my personal coaching package, Purpose. One of your three compelling goals will be about your relationship while the others will be focused about moving you forwards in other areas of your life. It's important in life - and in any relationship - to be paddling and steering your own canoe, which is why personal coaching is a fundamental piece of this package - the journey doesn't start with your partner or the relationship, the journey starts with you.

In the group session we take stock of how you're relating to each other and look at what's next. Steve Errey, our resident Couples Coach, will share with you some tips, strategies, and guidelines that have been proven in successful relationships.

Coaching sessions last an hour and are carried out over the phone. You both receive unlimited email support between sessions, as well as occasional, brief calls when necessary. The life coaching structure used is proven and extremely successful, and is designed to get you the results you want.

Call 020 8749 3792 to speak to one of our Couples Coaches or open the doors of possibility for how you would like your relationship to be, and book a session today.



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