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Aromatherapy Massage

Where does it come from?

Aromatherapy began with the Egyptians, who used the method of infusion to extract the oils from aromatic plants which were used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Aromatics have also been used for centuries by Ancient Chinese civilizations, in Ayurveda which is the traditional medical system of India and uses dried and fresh herbs as important aspects of treatment and later by the Greeks and the Roman civilizations.

The Greeks found that the fragrance of some flowers was stimulating while others had relaxing properties. Using olive oil as the base they infused the aroma from the herbs or flowers for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes. During the dark ages, after the decline of the Roman Empire , the use and knowledge of aromatics disappeared from Europe – retained only by healers and within monasteries, where monks used plants from herbal gardens to produce infused oils, herbal teas and medicines.

The revival of the use of essential oils is believed to be credited to a Persian physician and philosopher known as Avicenna who lived from 980 AD to 1037 AD. However, it was not until the 19th century that scientists in Europe and Great Britain began researching the effects of essential oils on humans. It was French chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefosse who discovered the healing powers of lavender oil after burning his hand in his laboratory. He published a book on the anti-microbial effects of the oils in 1937 and the term "Aromatherapy" was born.

Modern day scientific research has been, and continues to be performed which verifies not only the emotional but the physical benefits that aromatherapy provides.

What are the benefits of an aromatherapy massage treatment?

Emotional benefits:

Aromatherapy is helpful in the treatment of:

  • Depression • FrustrationGrief • Hysteria • Anxiety • Insomnia Lack of Concentration • Irritability • Fear • Poor Memory • Hopelessness • Moodiness Panic Attacks • Nervous Tension • Sadness • Worry

Medicinal benefits of aromatherapy oils:

  • Bruises •Sprains • Strains • Burns (including sunburn) •Nervousness / Tension • Stress • Motion Sickness • Fatigue • Respiratory Conditions including colds, flu, sore throat, asthma and bronchitis • Muscular aches and pains • Fungal infections such as athletes foot and nail fungus • Reduce skin inflammation • Enhance wound healing • Digestive disorders such as Constipation • Skincare benefits
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Rates & Packages

2 hour session £110
1.5 hour session £80
1 hour session £65
45 mins session £55
30 mins session £35

Treatment Packages 60 mins
2 treatments £120
4 treatments £240
6 treatments £340
10 treatments only £550

You can choose a different massage for each session - decide when you make the booking for each session.

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Appointment Times

Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm
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