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Location Studio at The Happiness Centre, 204 Uxbridge Road, London W12 7JD.
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About Chi-Gong (Qigong)

Chi-Gong or Qigong is an aspect of traditional Eastern medicine. It involves the co-ordination of different breathing patterns with various physical postures and motions of the body. It is mostly taught for the purpose of maintaining health. Various forms of traditional Chi-Gong are also widely taught in conjunction with martial arts, such as Tai-Chi. This course focuses on the art of Chi-Gong, which is a variation on the Chinese tradition of Qigong.

Chi-Gong relies on the traditional belief that the body and mind are connected through something that might be described as an "energy field". This energy field is generated and maintained by the natural respiration of the body, known as Chi. Chi means 'breath and energy' and, by extension, the energy produced by our breathing that keeps us alive. Gong means 'work applied to a discipline' or the resultant level of technique. Chi-Gong is then "breath work" or the art of managing one's breathing in order to achieve and maintain good health, and (especially in the martial arts) to enhance energy mobilization and stamina of the body, in co-ordination with the physical process of respiration.

"The classes are fab! Brilliant teacher and makes you smile even whilst
holding the toughest pose! I often go to the class feeling drained and exhausted
and leave with a new lease of life.
I feel that I have been shown how to tune into my body
better and create a calming energy"

Laura Taylor, Manager, Wine Company

Video Tip from one of our QiGong Masters

Typical Program of Learning

You will experience a combination of effective energy-management techniques including
Chi-Gong, Tai-Chi, Dahn-Gong, Yoga, Meridian Exercises and Meditation. The classes are
taught in a humorous and relaxed way, so you can expect to really enjoy this experience!

After each class there are mini assignments or homework for participants to practise so it
becomes easier over the weeks to sense and manage your Chi-Energy. Here is what we cover
in each session during sessions .... classes vary but often include work such as:

Session 1

  • Full body Tapping technique to open up the Meridian system
  • Intestine Exercise, Abdominal breathing (Energy core stimulation)
  • Basic Stretches
  • 12 joints warm-ups (preparation exercise before doing Chi-Gong)
  • Qi-Gong basic Stance, 'Qigong' being the traditional Chinese form and 'Chi-Gong' a variation
  • Body Scan (Meditation/Awareness training)
  • Meditation (Quietening Mind / Feeling Chi-Energy)

Session 2

  • Warm-ups and basic stretches
  • 12 joints exercise
  • Partner exercise (stretches and energy core exercise)
  • Basic Chi-Gong Form (first 4 steps)
  • Body Scan (Meditation/Awareness training)
  • Meditation (Quietening Mind / Feeling Chi-Energy)

Session 3

  • Warm-ups and basic stretches
  • 12 joints exercise
  • Energy accumulation postures
  • Energy release postures (burning postures)
  • Infinity exercise (movement to activate Yin energy in the kidneys)
  • Basic Chi-Gong Form (6 steps)
  • Body Scan (Meditation/Awareness training)
  • Meditation (Quietening Mind / Feeling Chi-Energy)

Session 4

  • Warm-ups and basic stretches
  • 12 joints exercise
  • Archers Stance, Horse Stance
  • Twisting exercise
  • Basic Chi-Gong Form (first 7 steps)
  • Body Scan (Meditation/Awareness training)
  • Meditation (Quietening Mind / Feeling Chi-Energy) + Energy balancing dynamic meditation

Session 5

  • Warm-ups and basic stretches
  • 12 joints exercise
  • Short (tension/relaxation) energy purifying form
  • Chi Shout
  • Basic Chi-Gong Form (complete)
  • Body Scan (Meditation/Awareness training)
  • Meditation (Quietening Mind / Feeling Chi-Energy) + Energy balancing dynamic meditation


  • Vibration Exercise Warm-ups
  • Body Scan exercise (standing)
  • Quietening Mind exercise (standing)
  • Chi-Gong full form in meditative state (dynamic Meditation approach)
  • Meditation feeling energy and rotating energy (water up/fire down principle)

"As a new student of Chi Gong and having never done anything remotely like
this before, I have found the classes facinating, rewarding and whilst relaxing in one way
also energising at the same time. I would highly recommend these classes"

Gina Norwood, Ward Manager, NHS

Since I have been attending Chi Gong classes I have noticed a
significant increase in my energy levels. I feel fantastic! Also it has brought both
strength and calmness into my life in a really fun way. Excellent teacher
and I have signed up for the next lot of classes because it gets me through the week!
I feel so much better after the class and my body is freed from any aches that I arrived with.
This is something that I intend to bring into my life practice. I will definately be
attending many more classes. Thank you so much!

Lesley Cabral, Reiki Master

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