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Lesley Cabral

Expertise: Reflexology, Massage, Reiki Master

Lesley Cabral is a Reiki Master who also integrates deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage and reflexology. She has been working within this field since 1994 and firmly believes that we can do anything if we put our minds to it.

Fitness and well being of body, mind and spirit are truly fundamental and embody the real essence of total vitality.

We asked Lesley to share part of her Reiki journey with you, in her own words ...

"I was practicing energy healing in a salon in West London when I took my Reiki level 1 with Michael Kaufmann at the Craven clinic in Hammersmith in October 1998 and Reiki 2 in November 1998. It felt like such a lovely velvety energy to work with that I felt blessed to be able to share it with those who wanted to experience it. My sensitivity improved a great deal and I was able to sense so much more in my hands. Life seemed so much richer and I was able to 'see' more too. In 2001 I took my Reiki Masters, still with Michael Kaufmann which lead me on a very deep journey of self discovery and brought me to a much deeper understanding of the dynamics of healing and it's infinite possibilities. From these experiences I have been able to deepen my empathy and compassion to those 'grey' areas in life that we meet from time to time and can now assist my clients in making sense of their worlds.

"I went on to study courses on Psychic development and traineded with Sue Allen at The College of Psychic Studies in Kensington in Space clearing, Spirit Release, psychic awareness and freeing one self of psychic attack. Since then I have gained most of my knowledge from experience. Life is one of the best courses around if you have a good guide and teacher.

"It's all about the journey and so far, it's been amazing. I look forward to exploring how I can support you to evolve your energy senses and energy work, to help you fulfil your energetic potential in this lifetime."

Therapy Information

Reiki is an ancient method of healing, developed by tibetan monks and rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usai, a Japanese theologist in the mid-1920s. It has been growing in popularity ever since.

Reiki is a method of natural healing which is centred upon "universal lifeforce energy" - the meaning of the Japanese word 'reiki'.

Reiki stimulates and strenthens the body, mind and soul's natural healing systems this enabling us to function at maximum potential. Once learned, reiki can be applied to oneself, enabling healing to take place wherever and whenever required. This assists in one's general health, personal growth and spiritual development.

Learn Reiki

Reiki I Course: The gift of self healing

During the Reiki 1 training, you will be guided through meditations and taught about the history of Reiki, receive the Reiki 1 attunement and learn about its application through treatments. You will learn about the Chakra system and how to balance them. You will also learn how to heal yourself, sense energy and how to set up a session.

It is important that all students experience Reiki at least once before they decide to do the training, and have experienced a treatment with Lesley before the course commencement date. This will help them to develop a basic understanding of the style of Reiki that they are about to receive, and will give them the opportunity to ask questions.

Reiki 1 Course
Choose one of these dates:
Sun Feb 3rd 2008
Sun April 6th 2008
Sun June 1st 2008
This is a full 1 day course
£100 incl Handbook and Certificate

Bookings and enquiries call 0208 749 3792 or EMAIL US

“..really enjoyable and particularly impressed with
Lesley’s wisdom and use of tools in explaining and
running through the course material. It has been an interesting journey since (my) attuntement!”

Vasiliki, Reiki 1 participant

Reiki II Course

The strengthened gift of self healing, distance healing, assisting others to heal, past, present & future healing and much more.

After familiarising yourself with Reiki and its infinite possibilities and benefits, you may wish to enhance your skills and potential by moving up to the next level. Reiki II increases your healing potential considerably and enhances your transmition of this gift. It will also take you on a journey of self development and growth. You will undergo your second attunement where by you will receive three sacred symbols and their names which you can use for distance healing. You will learn how to work through space and time and set up both automatic and multiple healing.

Reiki 2 Course
Choose one of these dates:
Sun March 2nd 2008
Sun May 4th 2008
Sun July 6th 2008
This is a full 1 day course
£130 incl Notes and Certificate

Bookings and enquiries call 0208 749 3792 or EMAIL US

Reiki Master Training

This is the third level which is the Master level. This level enables you to teach Reiki and to give a much more powerful treatment. You will be given and taught all of the Reiki symbols and then taught how to give and run Reiki attunement classes yourselves. You will be shown different ways in which Reiki can be used and a number of different applications.

Reiki Master Course
Fri Aug 1st – Sun Aug 3rd 2008
This is a full 3 day course
£400 incl Manual and Certificate
Upon completion of the three days
participants receive a Reiki Masters certificate.

Bookings and enquiries call 0208 749 3792 or EMAIL US

Additional Information

Benefits of Reiki Training

  • Accelerated personal growth and removal of ‘blockages’
  • Self healing at your finger tips
  • A feeling of well being and safety
  • An ability to release that which holds one back
  • Inner strength
  • Increased sensitivity
  • More room for love

What does Reiki feel like?

When receiving Reiki, the client can feel sensations of warmth or cold, deep relaxation, have unexpected emotions surface or even physical responses.

Whatever the experience is, the goal of the treatment is therapeutic, to return the body, mind and spirit to its natural state of balance, enabling the individual to function at maximum potential.

How can Reiki help?

Because Reiki brings mind, body and spirit into harmony, it enables the individual to see clearly, the things that are of importance to them. If there are physical injuries or illness, Reiki can boost the body’s immune system, aiding detoxification and promote healing, bringing the client back to a state of equilibrium.

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Rates & Packages

1.5 hour session £69
1 hour session £49
3/4 hour session £39
1/2 hour session £29

Choose a popular package of:

Treatment Packages (60 mins)
4 treatments £180
6 treatments £260
10 treatments only £395


We have excellent Massage Therapists available early til late,
6 days a week Monday to Saturday.

Reiki Courses

Reiki 1 Course
Next date:
SUNDAY 30th NOV, 10am - 5pm
This is a full 1 day course
£100 incl Handbook and Certificate

Reiki 2 Course
Next date:
SUNDAY 7th DEC, 10am - 5pm
This is a full 1 day course
£130 incl Notes and Certificate

Reiki Master Course
Call to ask about next date.
This is a full 3 day course
£400 incl Manual and Certificate
Upon completion of the three days
participants receive a Reiki Masters certificate.


To book your place on a course call
The Happiness Centre on
0208 749 3792 or EMAIL US

Questions about whether a course
is right for you? Call Lesley Cabral
07930 312 551 or EMAIL LESLEY

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