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Karen Stone

Karen Stone is a well qualified practitioner and teacher in Healing, NLP and Yoga; she has many years experience developed primarily in West, South West and North West London.

Karen started her career as a sculptor and painter in the special effects area of the film and t.v. industry, during which time she maintained a keen interest in the study of Yoga and went on to become a qualified teacher. With this backgorund, Karen saw new opportunities to develop her creative skills while helping others to achieve a more fulfilling life. She thus started to develop her healing work to enable her to work more closely and deeply with individual clients, not only adult but also children.

Karen currently teaches privately and in many gyms, including: The Hogarth Club (Chiswick), David Lloyd (Gloucester Road) and Sir Norman Foster’s Architects (Battersea). She is currently operating from the Happiness Centre located in Shepherd’s Bush, both as a yoga teacher, healer and NLP practitioner.


  • NLP Master practitioner
  • BA (hons) Technical Arts
  • Pre and postnatal teacher training with The Art of Health and Yoga Centre
  • Children’s Yoga (Yoga Bugs) teacher training with The Art of Health and Yoga Centre
  • Diploma in Natural Spiritual Healing from The Self Realisation Meditation Healing Centre UK
  • Sivananda Teacher training course


NLP and Healing

Karen's Healing practice aims to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. Following an initial consultation, she uses hands-on techniques to stimulate a healing response in her client. This releases any imbalance in the natural system that may be creating both physical and emotional problems.

Karen uses the communication psychology, NLP, to help her clients establish clear goals in their life by changing their understanding / perception, and therefore experience of the world. Karen will assist her client in achieving their set goals. Depending on the client's nature and personality, Karen employs requisite healing and NLP practices; she believes that with the holistic nature of these systems there is no limit to the issues that can be addressed and treated.

Healing and NLP can help with a wide variety of conditions from the physical to the emotional. Both aim to integrate the mind, body and spirit, leading to a sense of wholeness.


Karen's Yoga practice and teaching, has been much enhanced through her experience as a healer. She teaches asanas and pranayama with keen attention to bodily alignment whilst still allowing the individual student to explore their own potential. Karen's approach to teaching is both intuitive and spontaneous. She shares her natural enthusiasm of Yoga with her students, and this encourages all to participate with an enthusiastic response. With her ability to build an easy rapport with people from all backgrounds, Karen's student population ranges from child to adult, from high powered executive to pre/post natal mums.

Karen is warm, personable and sensitive to individual needs with excellent communication skills which enable her to relate to a wide range of people from varying backgrounds. She is self motivated and continually seeking to develop her skills and knowledge to pass on to others. Karen's love of, and commitment to, excellence in all areas of her work has enabled her to build a demanding yet loyal client/student base in all areas of work.

Her passion for her work enables her to take clients and students to new heights of self improvement!



Booking Information


£55 1st session up to 90mins
£45 follow up 60mins

Yoga: Session Prices:
£60 90min private session
£50 60min private session


NLP & Healing consultations
Phone Reception for details
(last appointment 7pm)

Contact Information

To book call: 020 8749 3792

Mobile: 07866 600 506

Email: k_l_stone@hotmail.com

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