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Bianca Madison-Vuleta

Clinical Nutrition Expert
BA, MCMA, MGEI, Dip. Psych., Dip. Nutr.
Member of the Royal Society of Medicine
Nutrition Expert for the Complementary Medical Association

Bianca Madison-Vuleta has been active in the area of holistic medicine for over twelve years.

In that time she has been on an exciting journey of learning, discovery and personal growth within the field of complementary medicine.

Bianca has studied various modalities of holistic medicine with many of the world's leading experts and is working in a private practice in London as an Integrative Health Practitioner, collaborating with a highly trained Integrative Health Physician, as well as lecturing and contributing to various holistic publications.

She is actively involved with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association - world's largest professional membership body for qualified complementary medical practitioners) as the CMA Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert, as well as being the CMA representative at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated and Complementary Healthcare.

Bianca's expertise is in preventative health care, chronic health conditions, advanced anti-ageing medicine, health coaching, stress resolution and emotional management.

She makes a full assessment and diagnosis of her client's life status, including health, constitution, lifestyle, mental outlook, emotional states, values, beliefs, spiritual awareness etc.

By bringing all these areas into balance in an engaging, meaningful and challenging process, vibrant health and fulfilling life equilibrium is achieved and maintained.

Bianca creates a highly individualised, multi-disciplinary therapeutic programme for her client, which takes them on an exciting, co-creative journey of resolving a variety of health issues, increasing choices, changing behaviours, emotions and outcomes in life. Her passion is to help her clients take responsibility for their health and well-being and break through limitations in their personal and professional lives.

“Having suffered with numerous infections, endless courses of antibiotics and mood swings for years, I was thoroughly fed up and depressed. Their resident Clinical Nutritionist was a revelation! I have followed her health programme with commitment and have been experiencing bounds of energy, weight loss and a long-lost zest for life. Thank you! I will be recommending you to all my friends!”

Alongside her nutritional and natural medicine training and clinical experience, Bianca's personal and professional development has been continually expanding and evolving within the fields of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Transformational coaching, Success Coaching, NLP, Tony Robbins' UPW and Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).

She is a qualified Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Counsellor from the CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy in Education) in London and is also undertaking a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy at De Montford University.

A particular area of interest for Bianca has been in the field of coaching and she is currently working with a highly experienced coach in London, in order to further her professional understanding and commitment to the process and also increase her own personal levels of growth, contentment and wellbeing.

Bianca is also involved in the work of several human rights, peace and environmental national and international NGOs as a passionate and inspired campaigner.

Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine

Bianca is a highly trained and experienced Nutritional Therapist who specialises in advanced preventative and anti-ageing medicine, weight loss and chronic medical conditions.

She makes a full assessment of your overall health and nutritional status, which includes your constitution, lifestyle, mental outlook, emotional state and spiritual awareness. By bringing all these areas into balance, vibrant health can be restored and maintained. Individually prescribed dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended and a full follow-up support provided.

The answer to reaching your optimum health and fitness level is to resolve bio-chemical imbalances in your body with an individually tailored eating plan that can be applied to all areas of your life and, most of all, one you can enjoy!

You will learn how to nourish your mind and your body

The results will astonish you!

You will have more energy, your level of fitness will improve, you will achieve and maintain your ideal weight, as well as more motivation, pain control, improved memory, focused mind and balanced emotions.


Naturopathic medicine is highly effective for the reversal of ageing, boosting the immune system and alleviating many acute and chronic physical and mental conditions. A Naturopath can be considered a ‘GP of Complementary Medicine’ and is the primary healthcare practitioner for some.

Any health concern can be treated with Naturopathy. In cases of serious chronic illness Naturopathy can compliment and support orthodox medicine. Some of the more common health concerns that are treated with Naturopathy include:

  1. stress management
  2. fatigue
  3. impotence
  4. colds, flu, coughs
  5. incontinence
  6. asthma
  7. hayfever
  8. depression
  9. allergies
  10. IBS
  11. anxiety
  12. arthritis
  13. diarrhoea
  14. panic attacks
  15. constipation
  16. migraines
  17. insomnia

Many come for a review of their diet and nutritional supplement regime in order to optimise health, improve immunity and prevent illness.

Food intolerance is often insidious and is thought to be the result of the failure of normal digestion and absorption resulting in an immune reaction giving rise to symptoms such as, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, skin problems, asthma, IBS and many others. Laboratory test are available to identify allergy foods and alternatives to these foods are suggested.

Bianca identifies and corrects the underlying causes of illness, rather than focusing purely on the symptoms. Techniques she uses include herbal medicine, breathing and other exercise programmes, nutrition, supplementation, flower essences, juicing, bodywork, aromatherapy etc.

Integrative And Transformational Life Coaching

Integrative Life coaching helps you to establish who you need to be to live the life of your dreams and what qualities you need to develop to achieve your goals.

Bianca guides you and enables you to concentrate fully on the present and the future by helping you to discover and develop your own unique qualities and talents.

Psychotherapy And Counselling

These therapies offer an opportunity to discover a way forward from any difficult or painful point in your life. Bianca is an experienced, talented and compassionate therapist, skilled in a wide range of methods and techniques which provide the space to express and release feelings, increase confidence and work through challenging situations, life crisis, the times of change, as well as emotional and spiritual support. Client work may be long or short term, and is structured within a gentle, supportive environment.

Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) - Advanced
Body-Mind Therapy

PNI deals with the way your mind and your body interact, which often results in stress, chronic illness, underperformance etc. It explains scientifically how stress, thoughts, beliefs and emotional states can have a detrimental impact at the cellular level of the immune and hormonal systems.

Bianca creates a highly individualised, multi-disciplinary therapeutic programme which provides the means to resolve a variety of health issues, increase choices, change behaviours, emotions and outcomes in life. She helps her clients to take responsibility for their health and well-being and break through limitations in their personal and professional lives.

Ecological Lifestyle Coaching

Bianca is highly trained in the area of green and sustainable living. Her passion for individual as well as planetary wellbeing is infectious. If you are interested in minimising your impact on the world around you, she will guide you towards some effective and simple strategies for making a difference in every part of your life - from reducing energy waste in your home and cutting reliance on your car, to going green in your garden and at home.

You will learn how to reduce your ecological footprint and become greener for the good of the planet and its people.

Bianca will help you to become enthusiastic about living in a "greener" house, teach you about the dangers of using some common bathroom, kitchen and personal care products and point you in the direction of their healthy and ecologically sound alternatives, and help you to start wasting less and dispose of your waste ecologically.

You will also learn how to start implementing ideas for a greener and healthier working environment, choose your transport more wisely, cut down on your energy and water consumption, become an eco-tourist, and some simple and effective green actions will be designed for the whole family.

Living a green lifestyle keeps the doctor away and it starts from your plate when you choose to eat organic, locally grown foods. It also helps you to leave a healthier legacy for the future generations.


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