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Alexis Garnaut-Miller

Founder of The Happiness Centre in 2003. Therapy Expertise includes Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Master NLP Coach, Business Coach.

Alexis has many years of Counselling experience in Australia and UK along with certified Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, Certified Coach and qualified Facilitator and Trainer. She is passionate about helping individuals and groups to appreciate their uniqueness, work to strengths, exceed their own expectations and uncover self-leadership to create their best personal and professional life.

Her philosophy on personal change is that it can happen quickly and easily, using a combination of leading edge therapeutic skills to get the desired results faster than more conservative or traditional methods.

Alexis has appeared on BBC TV and BBC Radio 1 as a Coach and Happiness Expert. She has a particular interest in the impact and quality of work and personal relationships on happiness and sees couples as an experienced Couples Coach to assist people wanting their relationship skills, communication and self-expression to grow and develop to a new phase.

Alexis is an experienced corporate Human Resources (HR) Consultant, has trained Life Coaches and Business Coaches worldwide and Mentors practitioners from many disciplines on client and patient-care and to develop their Practices.

Her professional career spans hotel management, human resources, training, IT project management and running own business. University qualifications include a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources), Grad Dip Industrial & Employee Relations and ongoing training for professional development.

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Therapy Information

NLP, Coaching, Counselling and Hypnotherapy are effective tools for helping you achieve change. Alexis' approach is to understand your values, beliefs, current challenges and aspirations.

We then use those insights as a basis for facilitating simple and sustainable changes of attitudes, emotions and behaviours at both the unconsious and conscious levels.

The process is one of listening at different levels for motivations, strengths, limiting beliefs and behaviours you wish to adjust. This assists you in understanding your sense of 'self', your mindset and how you are interacting with your relationships and environment.

It is a relaxing and enriching experience that creates gentle yet rapid changes for clients.

Counselling, NLP & Hypnotherapy can create sustained change in many emotional and physical conditions including:
Anger, Anxiety, Allergies, Blushing, Claustrophobia, Communicating Thoughts, Complexes, Confidence, Control Symptoms, Depression, Employment Stress, Exam Nerves, Feelings of Guilt, Frustration, Habits, Inferiority, Inhibitions, Insomnia, Memory, Nervousness, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Public Speaking, Relationships, Sexual Difficulties, Shyness, Smoking, Slimming, Stammering, Stress, Self Doubt, Self Esteem, Tension, Travel Fears

What can I expect in my first session?

The first session varies depending on the requirement of the client. Some clients come with a specific change they want to create, such as to relieve and resolve emotional distress, release a phobia, lose weight, stop smoking, create a more fulfilling relationship or make a significant change in their lifestyle, relationship situation professional life.

The number of sessions depends on the change desired and the readiness of the client to create the change.

NLP and Hypnotherapy are useful tools for creating rapid changes as they tap into the innate intelligence of the unconscious mind as a powerful resource of knowledge, truth, purpose, intentions and desires.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a set of tools and techniques for changing our perceptions, beliefs, behaviours and responses. An individual’s NLP knowledge and skills creates a wider choice of behaviours and responses, so that you can best choose your emotional state, managing the impact of any given event or situation. Also described as a 'communication psychology', NLP is essentially a study of how we know what we know.

"Neuro" refers to the nervous system - the brain, external senses and the rest of the body.
"Linguistic" refers to language and non-verbal communication.
“Programming" refers to the organisation and use of this information, contained both in the neurology and language.

NLP is often referred to as the manual for running our mind and emotions. The manual we would like to receive when we are born. Understanding how our neurology functions helps to create (or re-create) perceptions of experience and adjust our expectations of life. Imagine the empowerment of being able to observe, choose and adjust your everyday behaviours. Imagine what you could accomplish.

As much as 95% of our behaviour is patterned, programmed and therefore predictable. NLP is the study of these patterns and programmes, and is designed to add a wider range of behavioural choices to your life. You can learn to function at a level beyond pattern, the level where you develop the skill of developing skills and learning how to learn.


Hypnotherapy is a well-recognised healing state of mind, orginating from the Greek word 'sleep'. With eyes closed, clients experience a relaxed and safe way to indentify and develop meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving, through a trance-like state.

Hypnotherapy enlists the power of the client’s own imagination and may utilise a wide range of techniques from story telling, metaphor or symbolism (judged to be meaningful to the individual client) to the use of direct suggestions for beneficial change.

Client Experiences

"Alexis is an energetic, creative and challenging coach. I moved further forward in my 12 weeks with Alexis than I have in 4 years. Through our partnership, I have been enabled to begin living a larger dream than any of our 3 goals achieved ..." female, 34, occupational therapist

"Thanks again for today's session. It was most revealing. You were once again a star thank you." male, 31, management consultant

"Alexis is a wonderful listener. What took me 10 years to try and sort through she helped me draw out in 3 hours. Her ideas and motivation helped me really see that I did have an option from the 9-5 job and that it could actually work! Thanks for lending such a helpful hand and being my catalyst to a new place". female, 48, IT manager, now business owner of her dream business

"When I went to see Alexis, I’d been smoking for 14 years – 20 a day plus. I’d tried several times to give up but never lasted more than a day or two. After only one session with Alexis, I stopped smoking and haven’t smoked a cigarette since. It’s been nearly three months now and I’m totally confident that I will never start smoking again. It’s just not something I even consider.

Alexis gave me practical strategies for dealing with the most difficult time – the first few days – and beyond. She gave me the courage to start and the faith, conviction and determination to continue through to a successful result. I don’t think I would have managed it without her."
female, 30, consultant

"I wholeheartedly recommend Alexis Garnaut-Miller as a highly skilled life coach. I found her to be a most perceptive, hugely motivating yet practical coach. Alexis really helped me to rediscover my true self, my purpose in life and to put me on the right track to follow my dreams. Alexis achieved what seemed the impossible – she helped me have fun whilst clarifying and achieving some pretty tough life changing goals.

Alexis helped me find my ‘life purpose’ through a variety of deep thinking exercises.

Enabled me to cope more effectively and healthily with my emotions (especially unnecessary guilt) and to feel more comfortable making choices to suit me instead of always putting others first" female, 35, campaigns manager

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