Mindfulness Mastery 6-Week Training

YOUR INSTRUCTOR Alexis Garnaut-Miller, Founder of The Happiness Centre, Meditation Teacher and Therapist

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LOCATION This is a LIVE virtual/online 6-week Mindfulness Training with EASY web login details for you to participate. You will have a chance to ask questions, just like in a classroom setting. This is very convenient "virtual" training, from the comfort of your home or office without the need to travel within London, UK or anywhere in the world.

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Special offer of 125 (usually 199) for enrolments in May 2017 for Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Meditation doesn't have to be a vision of monks sitting cross-legged quietly in a cave for hours! Companies like IBM, Apple and Microsoft are part of the growing trend to run regular Mindfulness Meditation Sessions as part of their Employee Wellbeing Programs. Why? Because these simple techniques are renowned for relaxing both the mind and the body. This helps reduce blood pressure, let go of stress, release emotional and mental tension whilst boosting energy, vitality and creative thinking for better problem-solving. It is a simple, cost-effective and time-effective way to manage stress.

Modern mindfulness and meditation are two distinctly clear teachniques you can learn and apply anywhere, anytime to get your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing back into 'balance'. Just a few minutes of mindfulness, or 10-20 minutes of meditation, can help measureably relax your nervous system and calm the mind. Putting you back in control of riding the waves of life's daily challenges more smoothly, calmly and confidently.

Treating yourself each day to regular 'wellbeing breaks' really is essential these days, to maintaining a balanced mental and emotional state. Pausing and paying attention to your self-care at least twice daily is a smart move, to ensure you are not accumulating the negative affects of stresses and strains. These six powerful weeks are a small amount of time invested to improve your overall mental health, emotional health and wellbeing.

Get into greater control NOW using mindfulness and meditation.

Your body and mind deserve it, YOU deserve it. And everyone around you deserves to experience the most relaxed, CALM and fully alive version of ‘you’.

Mindfulness Course 6 Weeks

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation: In this powerful course, you will learn the foundations and science of mindfulness and meditiation as two distinct and inter-related stress reduction practices. Throughout the program, we share Worksheets to support your learning. You can also access videos online after each session, if you need a reminder, refresher or happen to miss a session for any reason.

The majority of each session is experiential: learning mindfulness and meditation by doing. We practise a range of techniques, so you can find what practices best suit your mind and personality type.

There is time during each session to share your insights, experiences and have your questions about mindfulness and meditation answered. By the end of this course, participants have a sound grounding in meditation techniques, along with the confidence and discipline to practise as regularly as they desire. Most participants achieve their intentions of daily self-practice for relaxing, developing insight and enhancing daily feelings of emotional and mental wellbeing.

"The meditation experience has allowed me to deal better
with the day to day stresses
of life and find some 'me' time.
I now feel more equipped to deal with things when I get overloaded
because I know that I have the power to feel peaceful if I give
myself some time (even 5 minutes)."
Laura, Supply Chain Manager

TUITION for enrolments taken during May 2017 for Mental Health Awareness Week is £125 per participant for 6 weeks including LIVE online mentoring, worksheets, videos, materials.

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Online LIVE Meditations

After completing the course, participants are welcome to attend these regular (usually weekly) sessions on Facebook LIVE once they have completed the course. Each session is designed to evolve mindfulness, deepen your understanding of meditation and grow self-awareness to a new level.

Building on your intitial experiences, you now explore deepening, expansive meditations to assist in greater healing, insight, problem-solving and growth.

You will more easily appreciate the duality of happiness and encourage your natural emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Prepare to welcome noticeable transformations in your ability to see life more clearly, your willingness to let some things go, and make more conscious choices aligned with your values, beliefs and personal truth.

Whilst this is sometimes includes a more spiritual approach to meditation, it can encourage you to reveal your own path (rather than a singular path) and strengthen a sense of connection your divine self, spirit, soul or greater intelligence, depending on what makes sense for you. Creative meditations open the heart and mind connections with both your higher intellienge and innate human potential.

You will receive details on how to join these regular online Facebook LIVE sessions, after completing your Mindfulness Mastery Course.

Mindfulness at Work

This program trains teams and individuals how to get the most out of the variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques for promoting healthier high-performance at work. IBM, Apple, Toshiba, Microsoft, Cannon just some of the organisations who regularly run onsite Mindfulness Training as part of their Employee Wellbeing Programs. To enquire about our short seminars and courses for your workplace or team-building session EMAIL US

Private Mindfulness Sessions

Prefer personal or confidential guidance to learn mindfulness and meditation? Maybe want some additional mentoring along with some counselling to help you through personal challenges? Then book your Private Mindfulness Session in person, by telephone or Skype from anywhere. Training includes handouts to support your learning and practise.

Single Session 60 minutes 100
Package of 4 x 60 mins 300

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