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Inner Happiness Coaching™

An invitation for you to join the successful
Inner Happiness Coaching™
program that will get you where you truly want to be.

If you knew it was this easy to let go of limiting patterns,
recurring problems, frustrations or resistance
and be on track for living your ideal life in 3 months
– would you go for it?

  • Are you holding yourself back?
  • Worried about the future, stuck in a rut or stuck in the past?
  • Wanting to make a change but not sure where to start?
  • Struggling along and wishing things were different?

Then the unique Inner Happiness Coaching™ program could be for you. Watch this short video (9 minutes) for an insight into how the program works ...

Over the past 10+ years, participants of our inner happiness programs have reported outstanding improvements in many areas of their life. Our clients come from all walks of life - business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals such as lawyers, accountants, managers, health practitioners, trainers, coaches and individuals who are seeking to grow more authentically. Even the NHS has run our programs!

We use simple, practical models to help you grow and move forward.

Inner Happiness Coaching™ is a 3 month individual coaching program covering 10 modules of your growth for living a more fulfilled life.

Achieve clarity and improvements in your:
Session 1   self-discovery & goals
Session 2   life purpose & values
Session 3   beliefs & behaviours
Session 4   happiness habits & wellbeing
Session 5   your own Inner Happiness Coach
Session 6   self-creation and re-creation
Session 7   work & contribution
Session 8   relationships & love
Session 9   wealth & abundance
Session 10   sustainable success strategies

“... I was able to pull the thorn from my side that had been wedged in there for years. An incredible change followed, allowing me to build on my self esteem and personal strength.
I am now in a happy relationship where honesty and
openness are prevalent.”
Allie, Manager

What exactly is coaching about?

One-to-one coaching has been widely accepted as a practical and powerful method of personal and performance improvement for many years. Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, David Beckham, Madonna, Cate Blanchett, Oprah, Cherie Blair and entrepreneurs such as Jack Welsh, Zig Ziglar … the list of poeple who advocate having a Coach is enornmous.

We often think about a ‘coach’ as being our tennis coach, sports coach, voice coach, performance coach, mentor, manager or a trusted advisor of some sort. A Life Coach is someone who combines all of those roles to ensure you reach for your fullest potential of growth, deeper satisfaction and aligning your inner and outer abundance.

The rapidly growing demand for life coaches and business coaches across the UK is helping this expertise become available to everyone – beyond the normality of coaching for sports people, TV presenters, actors, executives, politicians, public speakers, leaders of all kinds. Everyone wishes to be living their most fulfilling life possible – regardless of who they are and what they do.

Coaching helps you do exactly that by:

  • specifying in teeny-weeny detail exactly what you really want
  • identifying mental/emotional blocks, limiting thought patterns and behaviours
  • clearing the blocks, unconscious conflicts and resistance to allowing change
  • creating enabling mindset, beliefs and behaviours
  • stepping through this process more calmly and confidently
  • ensuring you reach outcomes

Now, we often think “Couldn’t I do that myself?” The answer is naturally 'yes, quite possibly'. Yet when considering “Well, why haven’t you up to now?” You will likely hear or feel your own fears, frustrations, excuses, explanations, regrets, guilt and reasons for being stuck popping up. Great! You’ve just touched on some of what coaching helps you move through and beyond.

What the media reports about coaching

Seventy-nine per cent of UK organisations use coaches, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the public sector is leading the way. “People in the sector are managing complex change with a lot at stake,” says coach David Birch, business director at Ashridge business school. “Coaches allow them to step back and think things through.”
The Times

Recent research by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy claims that 80% admit they would like to share their problems with a professional counsellor or coach. The past three years has seen a slow but steady increase in people signing up, be it with executive coaching (offered to certain pampered professionals in their workplace) or personal coaching.

What makes coaching distinct from other therapies is that it goes beyond simply talking around a problem. It is about setting powerful outcomes, taking thoughtful, planned and creative action, learning from those actions and enhancing results. Which is where most people get stuck when trying to do all that by themselves. Coaching saves you a LOT of time by fast-tracking you to where you want to be.

When completing the Inner Happiness Coaching Program™ expect that:

You will walk away knowing ...
How to self-manage ‘you’ to create more satisfying experiences in your personal life, work/business, relationships and money. Understand and appreciate the duality of 'happiness' and how to embrace both support and challenge as a natural part of your life's journey. Learn the principles of self-mastery and apply these to your strengths for an easier life.

You will walk away feeling ...
Connected to your internal signals of mental, emotional and physical balance. You will feel motivated to take mindful, creative action. You will feel a deeper sense of self-acceptance, gratitude and peace with your self and others.

You will walk away having ...
Measurably improved your inner happiness, health and wealth. You will experience tangible, measurable results. You will have cultivated awareness of your strengths, find it easy to do what works for you – and not waste your time, money and energy on the things that don’t really matter.

You might be saying to yourself “Yeh, however … surely those great things only happen to other people. My situation right now isn't so good. I would love to change it but it doesn't seem possible. Could it really happen for me too?”


If you are ready and willing for your quality of life to be different, we are ready and willing to help magnify your strengths and inspire you into action to create your outcomes.

We offer a comprehensive success coaching program that ensures clients experience pre-defined results from the process, along with the many unexpected positive benefits that naturally develop as a result of taking action to enhance your inner happiness!

The Inner Happiness Coaching Program™ has been SPECIALLY DESIGNED to significantly and measurably improve your inner happiness, for both internal and external results.

Creating shifts in our self-management, mental strategies and inner happiness can result in new outcomes such as:

Client 1

  • Smoke-free and feeling confident in my favourite jeans
  • Get that promotion and pay-rise with a big, clear YES!
  • 3 delightful dates with 3 delicious men

Client 2

  • Present quarterly results at work, feeling strong and confident with Q & A from the management team
  • Cha-ching! Offer accepted on my first investment property
  • I easily choose healthy food and meditation each day

Client 3

  • Chosen my ‘passive pension’ business and completed first 2 steps in plan
  • Champagne celebration with 50 grinning guests at my first photography exhibition
  • Self-published my first book on …(their chosen subject)

Important note: To protect client confidentiality, these goal groupings had to be edited, however they are examples of real life goals that clients have set then accomplished. That’s why any of those outcomes could be you – because they too started out thinking “How could that possibly be me?” That’s the practical magic of coaching – once you identify the outcomes, the process of coaching is what helps make it your new reality.

What clients often want coaching on:

Results of the first-ever comprehensive survey of clients of personal and business coaches underscored the value, impact and endurance of this emerging profession. All respondents had a formal relationship with an (International Coach Federation) coach, regularly meeting for strategy sessions for an average of nine months.

80.5% of respondents say they turn to their coach for help on time management, 74.3% for career guidance, 73.8% for business advice, 58.6% on relationships/family issues, 51.9% on physical/wellness issues, 45.2% on personal issues, 39.5% on goal-setting, 38.1% on financial guidance and 11% on creativity.

International Coach Federation (ICF)

Program Modules

Learn to activate your own Inner Happiness Coachand enliven each area of your life.

This is a 10-module personal success program delivered over 3 months. Each coaching session is 1 hour in duration either by telephone or in person and there are specific home-study exercises and actions to complete between sessions.

This powerful program will rapidly evolve your happiness and self-management skills (change comes from within!) so that you create more satisfying results in each area of your life, more easily than ever before.

Inner Happiness Coaching
10 module program

Session 1   self-discovery & goals
Session 2   life purpose & values
Session 3   beliefs & behaviours
Session 4   happiness habits & wellbeing
Session 5   your own Inner Happiness Coach
Session 6   self-creation and re-creation
Session 7   work & contribution
Session 8   relationships & love
Session 9   wealth & abundance
Session 10   sustainable success strategies

Value-Packed Program includes:

3 months of intensive 1:1 coaching through the Inner Happiness Coaching™ Program modules including your
60 minute Getting Started Session plus 3 x 45 minute sessions each month (total of 10 sessions)
Inner Happiness Coaching™ Workbook
Unlimited Email Support between sessions
On-Demand Instant Coaching with Alexis when she is online using Skype

10-minute Booster Calls between sessions if you need it
Free 30-day Mini-Course by email on Inner Happiness Insights
Personally signed copy of Alexis’ forthcoming book "Inner Happiness Handbook" as soon as it is available

Package Rate:

£497 per month for 3 months, inclusive program package

Remember you can always do a Trial Month and review at the end each month. Commencing the Program is not a contract, just a conscious commitment to yourself!

How to Get Started Now

  • Contact Alexis by email to arrange a conversation about your needs alexis @ thehappinesscentre.com
  • When you're ready to go, simply arrange payment by PayPal or Debit or Credit Card over the phone for the first month. Many clients claim the program as a professional development or training investment. What is the cost of staying stuck or functioning below your potential?
  • We will email you Module 1: Self Discovery & Goals of the Inner Happiness Workbook
  • Alexis will contact you to arrange your Session 1 which is a special 60 minute Getting Started Session either in person or by telephone or Skype (UK or worldwide. I have clients stretching around the globe. From Australia to New York and Moscow to Zanzibar.)
  • We then book in the next month of 1:1 sessions. Let's get started!

Still not sure if this is for you?

  • Ask your questions: Book your FREE 20-minute Intro Session with Alexis by telephone or internationally by Skype. This is a no-obligation exploratory conversation about how it works and whether it’s right for you. Book your free Intro Session by email alexis @ thehappinesscentre.com
  • Try a month: At the completion of the first month, you can choose to continue or finish up then if you want! The lasting impact is most apparent in month 3 however you can try it for a month and decide if you want to continue – your choice.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The techniques used in the Inner Happiness Coaching Program™ are a powerful combination of performance coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and the science of wellbeing.

Client Testimonials

Here are the responses from clients who have experienced this approach:

"My first coaching session with Alexis was focused and outcome specific. Alexis has very high expectations of her clients and that made me reflect on the expectations I have of myself. We had what can only be described as 'serious fun'!

She challenged me to face some of my fears and take action to overcome them. I came away with a challenging, financially purposeful plan for me to put into action.

Alexis called me on the second day of implementation to support me in my objectives. I was very glad of this unprompted support. I look forward to our sessions as I know they facilitate the focus, clarity and decisiveness that is required to make this project a success."

Alison, from Office Manager at large Recruitment company to
Team Manager, Nationwide


"Alexis is a wonderful listener. What took me 10 years to try and sort through she helped me draw out in 3 hours. Her ideas and motivation helped me really see that I did have an option from the 9-5 job and that it could actually work! Thanks for … being my catalyst to a new place."

Krista, from IT Manager to
Franchise Business Owner


"The experience of working with Alexis was a dynamic and enjoyable process of setting clear and specific goals, through visualisation and NLP techniques to realise our potential as a business and on a personal level.

We recruited a Sales Director, and saw sales increase rapidly by 15%, which was excellent. Alexis has consistent positive energy, enthusiasm and creativity coupled with experience in sound business methodology and techniques.

I would recommend here to any company that wishes its staff to realise their potential and understand that you can REALLY do whatever you want."

Richard, Owner Director, Office Interiors Company


"We approached (Alexis) when our business was a year old – old enough to be established, yet still a young Partnership, able to benefit from an ‘outsiders’ perspective …

Weekly phone calls resulted in fresh thoughts, an input of fresh energy, identification of how our work / life balance could be improved and general brainstorms on how to achieve what we need to achieve without the budgets to achieve them! All of these assist in helping us to achieve our goal of working on the business and not in it.

Alexis has contributed to our development both commercially and personally, through her mix of commercial experience, business contacts, NLP and behavioural psychology, together with her boundless positive energy. We are high-energy business partners but injecting more energy into the mix could only have a positive effect on the business.

I would recommend Alexis to ambitious, dynamic, open-minded and young business people, seriously committed to the success of their business and mature enough to accept and act on another person’s perspective / point of view / advice."

Hilary, Owner Director, IT Company

Your Certified Coach

This is an opportunity to receive coaching with Founder of The Happiness Centre, Alexis Garnaut-Miller, before other certified, licensed coaches begin delivering the program.

Following a career in corporate Human Resources and Training, Alexis evolved into a business owner (IT, Online Marketing, Training Consultancies) before launching The Happiness Centre in 2004 from a passion to help people grow.

Alexis is a Certified Coach, professionally qualified Facilitator and Trainer (including having trained Life Coaches & Business Coaches), Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist - with an absolute passion for personal evolution, self-mastery, wellness and transformation. In fact, her own purpose is: To inspire self-mastery for peaceful evolution. That alchemy was the result of her own transformational Coaches over the years, with particular gratitude and appreciation going to Neil Crofts (Authentic Business Coach and Author of Authentic: How To Make A Living by Being Yourself) and Nicola Cairncross (UK's leading Wealth Coach and Founder of The Money Gym).

Alexis works 1:1 with professionals, executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sports people and ordinary people wanting to live their own unique, purposeful, extraordinary life – to date totalling over 2000 individual coaching hours. Plus years of training and coaching groups in management & personal development seminars, courses, workshops. Alexis is regularly invited to speak to business groups such as Chambers of Commerce, Executive Association of Great Britain and Leading Edge and is a Lifetime Member of the world’s largest coaching skills organisation Coachville..

She has appeared on BBC TV and BBC Radio 1 as a Life Coach and regularly contributes to publications and radio.

"I personally look forward to welcoming you on your journey to inner happiness.

One of my favourite quotes is adapted from a Chinese proverb that says:

She who stands with mouth wide open,
waits long time for roast duck to fly in!

To your inner happiness

Alexis Garnaut-Miller

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

P.S. Because I am so busy with client bookings, these are the last few months that I will be running this as an individual program, before I launch the Group Coaching version. So if you are genuinely wanting to get started, email me asap and let's book in a time to speak alexis @ thehappinesscentre.com




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