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Detox & Yoga Retreat

5-Day or 3-Day Programs

Would you like to detoxify, cleanse and reduce your waistline?

Looking to feel slimmer, fitter and healthier in a week?
Overcome unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits more easily and comfortably.

Change does NOT have to mean sweaty bootcamps!
Sure you'll get an healthy dose of exercise however
this UNIQUE retreat includes THE most
important secrets to your success:

Come and change life-long eating and thinking patterns in our supportive, encouraging and effective
Detox & Yoga Retreats.

Your Package Includes:

  • Juicing Workshops
  • Nutrition Education Workshops
  • Personal Health Indicators (before, during, completion of program)
  • All Juicing, Detox Soups, Supplements & Raw Food Meals
  • All Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Daily use of Toning Vibration Plate
  • Daily use of Rebounder (2mins can flush entire lymph and triple production of white blood cells!)
  • Daily use of Chi Massaging Machine
  • "Detox Bath Soak Kit" to use during or after your Retreat
  • Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk for Intestinal Cleansing
  • Detox Teas, Fresh Herb Teas and Purified Water
  • Free WIFI although we do encourage a digital detox!
  • FREE copy of "SMARTER 5-Day Detox Journal" to use during your Retreat
Optional Extras:

  • Deep Tissue Detox Massages
  • Full-Body Relaxing Massages
  • Aromatherapy Massages
  • Health Coaching Sessions
  • Counselling Sessions

Stop making getting healthier or weight loss more difficult, upsetting or challenging than it needs to be. Come along to get results using a proven, realistic approach to weight loss and feeling healthier!

Benefits of the 5-Day and 3-Day Detox & Cleanse Program

Juicing and Raw Food is a highly effective method for helping lose weight naturally and healthily.

Cleaning up your diet during this 5-day program, supports your body's natural elimination processes.

Completing a combination of raw food and juice fasting will help brighten you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Combined with yoga and fitness, you will experience benefits in both mind and body towards weight loss immediately and permanently.

Breathe in fresh air and leave feeling stronger, bursting with energy and more confident about maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

What You Will Learn:

  • Optimum Juicing Recipes for cleansing and losing weight
  • Nutrition Principles based on THE latest scientific research
  • How to eliminate fat, yeast, fungus, parasites, heavy metals and more from your body
  • How to overcome emotional eating
  • How to overcome sugar addiction and food cravings
  • Overcome stress-related eating patterns
  • How to program your mind for healthier eating and motivation to exercise
  • Food Choices that improve energy levels and vitality
  • Foods Choices that help you look younger
  • How to make our quick, healthy "5-Day Detox Recipes" at home
  • How to maintain your wins when returning to your busy lifestyle!

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can transform ANY body shape quickly and naturally, even if you have had no experience of yoga at all! Yoga is an excellent way of triggering the fat-burning mechanisms of the body. Yoga movements prompt your lymphatic drainage system into greater action, as the lymph system has no 'pump' of it's own to assist in the elimination process. During your Detox Retreat, you will learn a sequence of yoga postures designed to help increase your body’s metabolism, boost your lymphatic drainage, heal your hormones (the main factor in weight loss) and detox faster. You will begin to increase your body’s flexibility, tone tummy, work towards smoother thighs and burn fat in a fun and healthy way.

You will also feel more confident about your body’s abilities and gain a better appreciation for the mind-body connection and its affects on weight-gain and weight-loss cycles. Along with personalised advice about the best type of yoga for your body, you will feel more confident to join public Yoga classes, with clear instructions for beginners in yoga for weight loss.

Combined with a fun and practical Nutrition Educational program, you will feel more in control of your vitality and Weight Loss than ever before. Our Detox and Weight Loss Retreats inspire you to feel more empowered and in control of your nutrition, emotional eating and healthy habits than perhaps ever before in your life. We LOVE to help you overcome a lifetime of unhelpful habits to be in more control. You will naturally feel more confident to create the weight loss result you want in a healthy and sustainable way.


Typical Retreat Schedule

Some people can only take time for a few days, yet a few days can make a significant difference! We offer two lengths of stay:

5-DAY ARRIVALS are from 11am on the first day with the first session commencing at Midday.

3-DAY ARRIVALS are from either 11am (Monday arrivals) or 1pm (Wednesday arrivals).

Completion is between 10am-11am on departure day, giving ample time to travel in non-peak time and enjoy some personal or quiet time to assimilate your retreat.

During the reterat, you will enjoy numerous and varied sessions that are based around yoga, meditation, jucing workshops, nutrition education sessions. There are lovely wilderness walks or walking to the seaside from the retreat.

Typical Retreat Schedule


Arrival 11am onwards
12.00pm – Welcome and Detox Program Guidelines
1.00pm – Raw Food Lunch
2.00pm – Nutrition Workshop 1 - Principles of Detoxification and Cleansing
3.30pm – Walking or Relaxation Time
5.30pm – Meditation Session
7.00pm – Evening Juicing & Supplements Session
8.00pm – Health Documentary or Leisure Time
9.30pm – Journal time & rest


8.00am – Detox Yoga & Meditation
9.45am – Juicing & Nutrition Workshop
10.30am – Walking, Massages
1.00pm – Juicing & Raw Food Lunch
2.00pm – Nutrition Workshop 2 - Latest Science of Weight Loss
3.30pm – Walking, Relaxation or Massage Time
6.00pm – Meditation Session
7.00pm – Evening Juicing & Supplements Session
8.00pm – Health Documentary or Leisure Time
9.30pm – Journal time & rest

DAY 3 - Full Juice Fasting Day

8.00am – Detox Yoga & Meditation
9.45am – Morning Juicing
10.30am – Walking, Massages
1.00pm – Lunchtime Juicing
2.00pm – Nutrition Workshop 3 - Science of Longevity and Anti-Ageing
3.30pm – Walking, Relaxation or Massage Time
6.00pm – Meditation Session
7.00pm – Evening Juicing & Supplements Session
8.00pm – Health Documentary or Leisure Time
9.30pm – Journal time & rest

DAY 4 - Partial Juice Fasting Day

8.00am – Detox Yoga & Meditation
9.45am – Morning Juicing
10.30am – Walking, Massages
1.00pm – Lunchtime Juicing
2.00pm – Nutrition Workshop 4 - Foundations of Health
3.30pm – Walking, Relaxation or Massage Time
6.00pm – Meditation Session
7.00pm – Evening Juicing & Raw Food Meal
8.00pm – Health Documentary or Leisure time
9.30pm – Journal time & rest


8.00am – Detox Yoga & Meditation
9.45am – Morning Juicing and Break-fast
10.15am – Maintaining your healthier lifestyle
11am – Completion



The next SUMMER dates for our Detox & Yoga Retreats:

[5-Days] Monday 22 June - Friday 26 June 2015
or [3-Day] arrivals Mon or Wed.

[5-Days] Monday 13 July - Friday 17 July 2015
or [3-Day] arrivals Mon or Wed.

Enquiries by Email


Bookings need to be completed using the ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM (link below) due to the volume of enquiries we receive across all our retreats.

Important: When registering online, you must select the registraton option "BOOK AS UNPAID" whilst we confirm room availability on that retreat date.

We will respond within 48 hours with a CONFIRMATION EMAIL containing retreat information, address and travel advice. Otherwise we will offer you alternative dates. Thank you!

Enquiries by Email


5-Day Program:

3-Day Program:

Full fee is payable in advance by Debit or Credit Card online (using PayPal secure payments) or over the telephone to The Happiness Centre on 020 8749 3792. Please note there is no refund for cancellations with less than 14 days notice. If you book with a friend or partner and would like to share a room with them (triple, twins or double), please request that when you book and we will see if possible to accommodate that request.


Enquiries by Email

Venue Facilities & Meals

Get set for nourishing, calming and refreshing Detox and Weight Loss Retreat for your mind, body and soul.

Beautiful Location

Our retreat location is a stunning Georgian farmhouse and newly renovated Barn (with underfloor heating for yoga!), just outside the peaceful village of Battle Abbey, in the heart of East Sussex. The gorgeous scenery, idyllic pond and magnificent walks make it a wonderfully comfortable, intimate and serene retreat location.

Your Room with a View

Prices are based on triple, twin-sharing or double room. Females only share with females. Males only share with males. Should you require or prefer a PRIVATE room, there is a supplement of £100 for 3-Day and £200 for 5-Day payable, depending on availability.

Each of the bedrooms has been decorated with peaceful, gentle vintage shades to make you feel even more relaxed and comfortable. Most of the rooms are ensuite, or a shared bathroom nearby the room.

Comfortable single beds in Twin Rooms

Comfortable double bedrooms

Overlooking idyllic pond and wildlife

Open House

The living room is all comfy sofas and cushions with a big open fireplace and lots of interesting magazines and books to read.

The dining room, a lovely double windowed room with views out onto the gardens, has a long dining table where everyone can sit and enjoy meals together, candle–lit in the evening.

Plus, of course, there’s relaxation space, massage treatment space and breathtaking gardens, for you to use while you’are here.

What to Wear

The more relaxed, the better for this retreat .... jeans, tracksuit, warm jumper and anything you feel warm, relaxed and comfy for seating, meditation sessions, self-relflection and walking. Meal times are informal and restful.


As the farmhouse is on an un-numbered road, you will receive the full address and directions in your email confirmtion. Please print and plan your journey in advance!

Train travel is the recommended method of travel: taxi under 15mins from both Battle or Bexhill train stations.

Please read the driving, train and tax details in the "Retreat Confirmation" email.

Enquiries by Email

P.S. Now is such as great time to do this retreat. Get into better shape before summer, from the inside out. Start changing your eating and exercise habits. Now is as good a time as ever to make a few changes!

P.P.S. Don't let another month slip by with the same low energy or weight frustrations. Give your body and soul a well-deserved break by coming on a detox, weight loss & yoga retreat, to make 2015 an even more positive year!




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Recent Retreat Participants
"I was feeling tired and stressed, so decided to book myself a more relaxing approach to healthier living and weight loss. I can now understand my stress eating patterns that had been making weight loss seem impossible the past few years. I feel completely confident going back to work and changing quite a few habits. They feel like they have changed already! Thanks! I want to come on one of your Yoga Retreats next!"

Monika, Human Resources Manager

"Just brilliant. After years of struggling with my weight and myself, I finally feel more mentally and emotionally free to be me. A very moving retreat. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Amanda, Teacher

"This was the most relaxing, incredible, sunny & good vibrations Retreat I have ever been on. Cannot recommend it enough! Fabulous people, amazing energy and we completely detached from time... Thank you!"

Natalie, Press Advisor


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