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Learn Vedic Meditation London

How incredible would your experience of life become,
when you learn how to let go of contained, underlying stress and
feel more fully alive than ever before?

  • Want to let go of deeper, cumulative or past stress?
  • Want to feel completely free to live and to love more fully than ever?
  • Struggling but still wondering how life can feel easier, simpler, clearer?
  • Want your personal relationships to deepen and be more fulfilling?
  • Seeking a simpler path to internal peace and true vitality?

If you're not leaping out of bed every day, excited about all the possibilities and joys life has to offer, then it's likely you're holding onto hidden stress that is blocking or hindering your ability to express and experience life fully.

This world-famous method of Meditation is a totally natural, scientifically proven pathway to releasing stress and encouraging your vitality. Popular with Executives, Managers and anyone wanting to regain control over their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

"Vedic Meditation has become a part of my daily routine
which I have been doing now for 6 months. I don't feel as nervous or
anxious as I used to and I feel a wonderful sense of inner calm.
I also feel a lot more in tune with my body. I love this meditation and cannot imagine my life without it now."

Starna Forster
Human Resources Manager, London

“I have been meditating for only a few days and people
at work keep coming up to me saying I look radiant
and much more relaxed!”

S.B, London


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What is the cause of so much of the unhappiness and ill health we see all around us? In one word, it is stress.

Benefits of Vedic Meditation

The techniques you will learn have captured the imagination of the scientific world, resulting in this meditation technology being one of the most rigorously studied in the entire arena of human development.

Research studies have been conducted at 210 different universities and research institutions in 27 countries, and articles have appeared in more than 100 scientific journals. As a result of these studies, the NHS, health insurance companies and organisations such as IBM, Microsoft and Apple are increasingly encouraging or insisting on Meditation as an essential tool for improving health, productivity and Employee Wellbeing.

Scientifically proven benefits of Vedic Meditation include:

  • decreased cortisol (the major stress hormone)
  • decreased muscle tension
  • normalisation of blood pressure
  • 58% fewer cancers
  • 87% less heart disease
  • physiological aging is actually reversed, with key organ functions improved: after 5 years of meditation, the subjects of the study were shown to have bodies the equivalent of an average of 8 years younger than when they started. A follow up study concluded that after the first 5 years, the reversal of aging ceased but the subjects were aging only 6 months for every year.

Meditation dissolves stress held in the body and, over time, provides a greater and greater sense of wellbeing. The study that found long-term meditators were shown to have 87% less heart disease and 58% fewer cancers was funded by the major US health insurer Blue Cross/Blue Shield . The reasons for these results appear to be linked to the reduction in stress. Another contributing factor may be that meditators naturally tend to smoke less and drink less alcohol and take fewer harmful drugs than people who are using these addictive substances to make themselves feel better. Regular Vedic meditation practice often lets health-deteriorating, outdated and life-limiting habits drift away. You'll likely find yourself simply and naturally making healthier lifestyle choices.

Yes, meditation is thus exceptionally good for your health!

How much stress does one human being accumulate in a lifetime?

In big cities and even in small towns, levels of stress are now almost palpable in the air. What is the solution? Do we have to sell up and move to a hill farm and live the life of shepherds? Fortunately for those souls who are not so keen on hanging out on windy hillsides surrounded by bleating, there is another, more practical answer. Meditation is natural, portable, simple and entirely beneficial to both mind and body. It does not require great skill and there is no need at all for Vedic meditators to withdraw from the world.

This technique is thousands of yeards old and you too can learn it easily today. Since it was introduced to the West from India half a century ago, the effects of Vedic Meditation have been examined by scientists in great detail and many papers have been published in notable medical journals. Meditation has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to dissolve the effects of stress. For example, in regular meditators the incidences of heart disease and cancer have been shown to be cut dramatically.

Not only is physical health improved but happiness, compassion, patience and loving-kindness are all naturally increased. The meditator’s individual potential is freed as the nervous system is freed of the stress accumulated through a lifetime. Creativity, productivity and effectiveness all grow. Emotional stability, maturity, alertness, memory and the ability to learn all improve.

In a stressed world with serious challenges to face, we can all play our own individual parts by being the people we were always meant to be.

We invite you to learn Vedic Meditation ... and experience what it is that has been of such great benefit to millions of people around the world.

“I wish I had learned ten years ago when you first told me!
Why did I wait?! I could have avoided all those
panic attacks. But thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me
about this technique. It has transformed my life.

What is Vedic Meditation?

Essentially, Vedic Meditation is a natural, practical technology that dissolves stress easily and is practised with eyes closed, in any location, for 20 minutes each morning and evening.

The Veda is the great body of knowledge that comes to us in an unbroken line of scholarship from Ancient India. From the Veda comes everything we know about yoga, the health science of Ayurveda and the rest of what are broadly called ‘Eastern philosophies’.

The practice of Vedic Meditation is very simple and easily learnt in a short course of instruction. Students are taught a mantra or sound and the correct procedure for using it. They then practise meditation every day for just 20 minutes, morning and evening.

Spontaneously, the mind becomes quieter and the body rests profoundly – in fact, much more deeply than during sleep. The results of this restful state are far-reaching. Stress is dissolved, mental sharpness and sensory perception increase and positive feelings of kindness, compassion and happiness grow.

This may appear to be a bold list of claims but they can all be demonstrated to be true. Of course, the most powerful way to verify these effects is to experience them personally.

Everyone’s life is improved by Meditation and so you are invited to come along to a free introductory talk to hear more about Vedic Meditation and decide if you are ready to enjoy it benefits. You can also listen immediately to an audio Introduction by entering your details below:


Course Structure

First step is to listen to the downloadable MP3 of our FREE Introductory Talk (by filling out your details above or email Reception) or book a 15minute telephone conversation with one of our Vedic Meditation Teachers. If you decide that Vedic Meditation is for you, we then agree and book your Course Dates or Private Tuition. If you prefer to get started immediately with Private Tuition, simply email your preferred dates/times to The Happiness Centre on info [at] thehappinesscentre.com or call 020 8749 3792 to book.

Each student of meditation undertakes a commitment to attend two sessions (each session lasting 60 to 90 minutes) over 2 days with the Meditation Teacher plus a third follow-on Tuition Session approximtely two weeks (and within one month) of completing your Initial Training.

Teaching can be scheduled in the morning, daytime or evening depending on Teacher availability. We seek to accommodate individual work schedules where possible.

You will be asked to bring along a healthy dose of curiosity, the willingness to follow the technique's instructions and a few simple processes important to this thousand years old tradition.

Follow Up
After the course is completed successfully, we will make an appointment with you for a follow up session approximately two weeks (and within one month) after your Course. This is either in person for 60 minutes, or completed by telephone or Skype. This session is included in your Tuition Package.

Group Meditations
Now as a meditator, you are entitled – but not obliged - to attend the group meditations we hold regularly throughout the year. Group meditations tend to produce a ‘deep’ experience of restful meditation and are enjoyed by everyone who participates. This is also an opportunity to share experiences with other meditators and have any questions answered. There is no charge for these meetings.

Student-Teacher Relationship
The tuition package includes on-going mentoring support from your Meditation Teacher. Once you have learned with your teacher, you can draw upon the teacher's knowledge to support you in your practice with advice and assistance. Within reason, there is no charge for this advice. For more extensive assistance, a private mentoring programme can be provided.


Course Rates

Each tuition package includes comprehensive support and guidance from your Meditation Teacher including:

Introductory Group Talk, or listen to MP3 Introductory Talk
Individual 1:1 Orientation Session by telephone (20mins) in preparation for course

Two sessions of 60-90 minutes duration over 2 consecutive days OR intensive personalised 1:1 tuition over 1 day

Free PDF copy of our book "30-day Vedic Meditation Handbook" to support your first month of meditating. Participants have found this extremely useful for solidifying their meditation habit, with useful tips, insights and reminders.
Follow up Mentoring Session, 2 weeks after the course either in person, telephone or Skype (whichever is more convenient for both Teacher and Student)
Lifetime of Mentoring from your Meditation Teacher
Regular Group meditation sessions
Ongoing email support

Private Tuition £350

Group Tuition £225

Home visits, office visits and onsite "Employee Wellbeing Program" group training: Rates available upon request.

A small investment for a lifetime practice and peace of mind. Are you willing to invest in your wellbeing? If you have a busy profession or lifestyle, the question is not 'can you afford to learn' but rather can you afford NOT to learn? What is the cost of NOT deeply meditating, being stressed and living daily with a tired and wired brain and nervous system? For less than the cost of a couple of therapy sessions you can learn a lifetime meditation practice.

Course fees are payable in advance by PayPal below or Debit or Credit Card over the telephone to The Happiness Centre on 020 8749 3792.

Select your tuition:

The Happiness Centre
on 020 8749 3792

Bookings and Enquiries by Email

Client Testimonials

“People keep asking me how I stay so relaxed and
calm so this must be working!”

N.R. (female)


“The teaching was so clear and I feel ready to face new
challenges. The Trainer is a natural teacher.”

M.W. (male)


Still not sure if this is for you?

Book your FREE 15-minute Introductory Conversation over the telephone instead of in person. This is a no-obligation exploratory conversation about how it works and whether it’s right for you. Book your free Introductory Conversation by suggesting a few times for us to call you - EMAIL info [at] thehappinesscentre.com



This Introductory Talk explains the background and science behind Vedic Meditation and the process for learning it. The Vedic Meditation Instructor will be sharing meditation knowledge and experience. COMPLETE THE WEB REGISTRATION FORM ABOVE for list of next scheduled dates.

NB: If you have already attended an Introductory Talk elsewhere then you can immediately sign up to a Group Course without needing to attend another orientation Introductory Talk.

Vedic Meditation Introductory Talks are a FREE event however places are limited so please book in advance (or on the day) by email to info [at] thehappinesscentre.com or call Reception on 020 8749 3792

If you are unable to attend an Intro Talk in person, you can instead listen to the MP3 above [scroll up to Registration webform] in preparation.

We can also speak on the phone for 15mins as a Personal Intro Talk, if you are unable to attend one of the Introductory Talk dates. Email info [at] thehappinesscentre.com suggesting a few dates and times to speak.




You can complete the course in two ways:

OPTION 1: PRIVATE TUITION - book specific dates either at The Happiness Centre or your home/office in London. Email Reception to discuss suitable dates and location. Note that an additional travel fee may apply, depending on location.


OPTION 2: GROUP TRAINING - Two x 90mins Vedic Meditation Training Sessions (over 1 or 2 days). Group Trainings are held at The Happiness Centre, Shepherds Bush London W12 7JD


Want to learn asap?
Can't make dates?
Need an instructor to come to you?

Remember, you can also book a complete 1-to-1 course by Private Tuition either the centre (Shepherds Bush) or home/office-visits plus travel costs. Wondering which format will work for you? Call or email for a conversation about your particular requirements.

The Happiness Centre
020 8749 3792

Enquiries and Bookings by Email

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I have a very busy mind. Don’t you have to concentrate on emptying your mind?

A. The technique you will be taught spontaneously quiets the mind. No concentration is required. In fact, the less effort you make, the more correctly you are practising Vedic meditation.

Q. Do I chant my mantra?

A. Vedic meditation does involve a mantra, which literally means a ‘vehicle for the mind’. However, there is no chanting. The mantra is thought internally, as effortlessly as one thinks any other thought.

Q. Does everyone have the same mantra?

A. There are different mantras for different people.

Q. How long do I meditate for?

A. Meditation is practised for 20 minutes, twice a day, morning and evening, before breakfast and before dinner. There are some exceptions to this and if need be, we can discuss this.

Q. Do I have to sit in a special way? Can I do it lying down or standing up?

A. Meditation is best practised sitting up comfortably in a chair, with the back supported. There is no need to be in a special pose, such as lotus. Lying down to meditate will tend to induce sleep, so this is not ideal practice. Standing up is not sufficiently restful to get the full benefit. So, sitting up comfortably is best.

Q. Do you need total quiet?

A. Noise is no barrier to meditation. As long as you can think you can meditate. So, Vedic meditation can be practised anywhere that it is safe to close your eyes.

Q. How do I find the time to do it? People need my attention constantly.

A. The people who rely on you deserve to have your attention when you are not full of stress. By taking 20 minutes to release stress and rest deeply, the rest of your day is more productive and the attention you will give your family, friends and business associates will be of a higher quality.

Q. How do I know if I’m doing it right?

A. In your course of instruction, correct practice is very clearly explained. Also, if you feel you need assistance, you can contact your teacher to make a time to talk about your practice. Also, regular meetings are held free of charge which you are most welcome to attend. Please contact us for details of where and when the next meeting will be held.

Q. Will meditating reduce my ambition and turn me into some sort of bliss bunny?

A. Meditators all experience greater effectiveness and happiness in their lives without becoming ‘bliss bunnies’. As for ambition, meditators tend to be high achievers in whatever fields they work and to enjoy their achievements even more. There may be a reduction of ambition to pursue goals that have little chance of yielding happiness.


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Your Vedic Meditation Teachers

David Giles

David Giles is originally from London, has been practising Vedic Meditation since 1997. He has been a trained Vedic Meditation Teacher since 2007. David travels between his home in Sydney and London, teaching across Australia and the UK.

Prior to learning to meditate, David worked in film and television, as a writer and producer of feature films and TV series. He also ran acting workshops across Australia, Canada, in Singapore and England. David was educated at Westminster School in London, then received an MA from Oriel College, Oxford and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal. David continues to make films, recently receiving an Australian Academy Award nomination for a film he wrote and directed.

"Meditation has made a huge difference to how I make films - the whole process is now a pleasure and truly stress-free. I've rediscovered the joy of film - and I've seen so many people I have taught to meditate recover their inspiration and happiness. Seeing these brilliant results is why I love to teach."

Alexis Garnaut-Miller

Alexis Garnaut-Miller is originally from Australia and has lived in Thailand and UK. Along with travelling, learning and meditating in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India. These experiences have all contributed to her journey as a Buddhist teacher, Vedic Meditation teacher, Mindfulness Meditation teacher, alongside being an international Human Resources consultant.

As Founder of The Happiness Centre 12 years ago, Alexis has appeared on BBC TV, Radio and other media as an expert on Happiness and is a counsellor and therapist to CEOs and celebrities all with a similar challenge in common: learning how to create happiness by changing their mind and feelings, whilst moving towards an enlightened mind using meditation.

She has been supporting corporate and individual clients through personal transformations for 20 years and applies buddhist principles to her therapy and leadership consulting practice. She is an experienced trainer, therapist, master NLP coach & hypnotherapist ... with a deeply held interest in mastering the mind.

See you soon for your
life-transforming journey

The Happiness Centre
020 8749 3792

Enquiries and Bookings by Email

P.S. If you are finding it hard to imagine how you can fit Vedic Meditation into your day, imagine the cumulative consequences of not meditating .... and the cumulative benefits of meditating. There is always time and money to invest in your health and longevity. The quality of your life may depend on it.




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