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Help the body and brain relax more deeply, using the healing methods of reiki for wellbeing. Reiki is proven to help reduce stress, create a calmer mind and restore balance of mind-emotions-spirit.

Reiki Courses in London

Next London Reiki Courses, learning traditional Usui Reiki techniques faithful to the original Master teachings, along with structured approach to selfcare and total self-responsibility using The Reiki Wellbeing Method©

Saturday 10th May 2014
Saturday 7th June 2014
Saturday 5th July 2014

Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June 2014
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2014

by private tuition only

Reserve your place early, as spaces are limited for these popular courses.

Location: The Happiness Centre, 204 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12 7JD

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London Reiki Development Group

Have you completed a Reiki course of any kind at this centre or elsewhere? Are you a Reiki practitioner or therapist who uses Reiki in their sessions? Come along to the London Reiki Development Group to share, learn and grow your own energy! Hosted by Reiki Master/Trainer from The Happiness Centre and guest masters.

Email your interest and request for next dates to: info [at] thehappinesscentre.com

Location The Happiness Centre, 204 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12 7JD

What People Say about attending the London Reiki Development Group:

"Well, I have been attending a lot of Reiki get togethers but, to be honest, this session really inspired me. I’ve gained a lot from you (it)! It really feels like one is in a knowledgeable discussion. I don’t have words to explain. Long live you." Dr.Usama Ayaub

"These are great! We would like more and more often! You have great knowledge to share with us, and we appreciate it. We liked the exercise and would like some paired exercises to become more comfortable with practice. Very Relaxing" Kim & Ingrida

"As a first approach to the subject of Reiki was extremely interesting. The level of knowledge was basic but very important for a Beginner." Silvia

"What a lovely evening, what a lovely workshop, what lovely people. I like the time and the one hour is good bearing in mind we are commuting. I like the fact you go though the teachings at a slow pace and invite us to talk about our own experiences. You take the time to explain and explain until it is embedded in the daily route of life. Thank you for sharing this honourable teaching." Beverley Grainger

About Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, ancient form of natural healing that uses touch from the practitioner to allow healing energy to flow to the recipient.

Reiki stimulates and strenthens the body, mind and soul's natural healing systems this enabling us to function at maximum potential. Once learned, reiki can be applied to oneself, enabling healing to take place wherever and whenever required. This assists in one's general health, personal growth and spiritual development.

Program of Learning

Learn how to use this subtle and effective energy system for the benefit of yourself and others. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: Rei which means "spirit" or "soul," and ki, which means "energy" or "life force". Reiki healing helps relieve physical and emotional pain, promotes spiritual clarity, speeds up the healing process and balances the body using subtle hand positions on points of tension or injury. Choose one of the following courses, noting that each Level must be completed sequentially.

You are welcome to join a course, if you have completed the previous level elsewhere. We would need to see an original copy of your certificate, should you have completed an earlier level somewhere else, to ensure you are on track for comparable levels of learning.

Reiki Level 1

The gift of self healing

During the Reiki 1 training, you will learn the history of Reiki, receive the Reiki 1 attunement and learn about Reiki application through treatments. You will learn about the Chakra system and how to balance them. You will also learn how to heal yourself, sense energy and how to set up a session.

You'll learn how to channel and accumulate energy, create healing higher-vibration water, and you'll recieve tools that will help you to continue on your journey towards spirituality and higher awareness.

It is important that all students have experienced Reiki at least once before they decide to do the training. This will help them to develop a basic understanding of the style of Reiki that they are about to receive, and will give them the opportunity to ask questions.

“..really enjoyable and particularly impressed with
... wisdom and use of tools in explaining and
running through the course material. It has been an
interesting journey
since (my) attuntement!”

Vasiliki (Reiki Level 1)

"What I enjoyed most about the course was learning about
energy and the practical part of healing myself and others.
I appreciated the disposition, clarity, honesty and constant brightness
of the Reiki Master."

Sally Frampton (Reiki Level 1)

Next Level 1 Reiki Courses in London date:
Saturday 10th May 2014
Saturday 7th June 2014
Saturday 5th July 2014

This is a one day intensivecourse including homework and Level 1 Assessment
£110 incl The Reiki Wellbeing Method© and Certificate

BOOKINGS 0208 749 3792 or EMAIL US

Reiki Level 1 - Participant Comments

"I really enjoyed the course and not just only the exercises and the techniques but also all the explanations and different laws (law of attraction, micro & macro cosmos...) I learned a lot and feel Reiki is going to offer me a lot of new possibilities. Thank you very much." Patricia Ibanes

" I really enjoyed the two days and feel that I got far more out of it than “just” the Reiki! Wonderful on the background to the subject – made me feel like everything is fitting into place and felt even more motivated than before to begin practising healing seriously and to continue with practices I’ve already started, such as Yoga and meditation. The practical side was very clearly and patiently taught / explained – and it was great to share the experience in a small group as it was possible to feel more relaxed and open with each other." Helen Hendessi

Thank you for this Reiki 1 initiation. I feel extremely peaceful, relaxed and enthusiastic after the weekend where all my ”bodies” needs got fulfilled. Tonnes of precious information for my mind, emotions at peace, vitality for my body and my energies are buzzing. I particularly enjoyed the wealth of knowledge, compassion, generosity and Love shared freely with the group.
Mathilde Barbier

"The course was very well done with an evolution throughout the two days. The second day was very fulfilling. Sharing the experience with the other participants was wonderful. Feeling the energy through the hands made a difference for treating others. The Reiki Master’s explanations were really clear, he was very attentive, loving and sharing." Muriel Bouquillion

"The course was really interesting and will help me complete myself! The practice was helpful and the Reiki Master gave good explanations." Auole Edaux

"I feel I met the best possible Reiki Master to learn from in London. Opening up my Reiki channels, the workshop and a Reiki treatment were my favourite parts of the course." Narumon Akkawinate

"I loved the relaxed and patient feel of the day. My amazing attunement was a really special experience ... It was a wonderful life changing experience. I feel like I have finally found my life purpose but know the journey has just begun. Thank you Lesley!" Jason Hall

"Enjoyed the variety of approach to teaching, encouragement of exploring personal experiences/questions and practicing on others. I loved it!" Georgina Hutchinson

"I loved the way the class developed... It felt like we were adding one block to the other to construct the basis of our Reiki practice in a sound, healthy and robust way." Nathalie Vanden Abeele

Reiki Level 2

The strengthened gift of self healing, distance healing, assisting others to heal, past, present & future healing and much more.

After familiarising yourself with Reiki and its infinite possibilities and benefits, you may wish to enhance your skills and potential by moving on with the next level. Reiki II increases your healing potential from that of 50 watts to 500 and enhances your transmition of this gift! It will also take you on a journey of self development/awareness and growth.

You will undergo your second attunement where by you will receive three sacred symbols and their names which you can use for distance healing and a multitude of other things. You will learn how to work through space and time and set up both automatic and multiple healing.

"The course content was excellent, as was the delivery
I can't think of anything I would like added or adjusted to the course. 
Thanks for a wonderful day and a great gift!" 

M. A, Reiki Level 2 participant
"I really enjoyed the whole course ... (and) the distant healings
we practiced, the scientific explanations and the
meditations were excellent." 

Clara Hutchinson Reiki Level 2 participant

Next Level 2 Reiki Courses in London dates:
Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June 2014
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2014

This is a two day intensive course including homework and Level 2 Assessment
£170 incl The Reiki Wellbeing Method© Handbook and Certificate

BOOKINGS 0208 749 3792 or EMAIL US


Reiki Level 3 - Master Course

The gift of giving the Reiki Attunements, strengthened healing capacity, psychic surgery, elements of teaching and much more

This is the third level which is the Master level. This level enables you to teach Reiki and to give a much more powerful treatment. You will be given and taught all of the Reiki symbols and then taught how to give and run Reiki attunement classes yourselves. You will be shown different ways in which Reiki can be used and a number of different applications.

REIKI COURSE LEVEL 3 - this very special induction and training with one of the UK's leading Masters is only by individual private tuition. Call Reception to discuss.

Bookings and enquiries call 0208 749 3792 or EMAIL US

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