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This 4-week beginners pilates course is held over four consecutive weeks, of hour-long lessons with matwork instruction, guidance, handouts and personalised advice. Designed to help you start Pilates with a strong foundation.

You will feel more confident practising the basics of Pilates safely.

Ideal for those new to Pilates, curious about the basics, postnatal, suffering back pain, recovering from injuries or strains that require closer supervision and personalised attention.

These courses encourage self-practice between sessons. Suitable for any level of fitness.

You can always re-enrol for another 4-week course until you feel ready to move to an open level group class at 69 GBP per 4-week course. When you are feeling ready, you can then either join on a Class Package or Membership to participate in any of the 20+ classes per week of pilates or yoga classes in our Shepherds Bush studio.

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Tuition Rate

4-week Pilates Beginners Course £69


Studio at The Happiness Centre, Shepherds Bush
(next to Shepherds Bush Market tube)

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Beginners Pilates Course

Start with a strong foundation


To gain a good understanding of the Pilates technique and feel more confident in beginners/open level Pilates classes.


Many people leap straight into larger Pilates matwork classes without understanding the principles of Pilates. This lack of genuine knowledge about the importance of micro-movements, correct breathing and basic postural techniques can expose you to potential strain, pain or injury in Pilates. Learn the principles of Pilates during this practical course.

You will be encouraged to complete hands-on 'homework' between sessions, in the form of a self-directed lesson at home, to review and practise what you learnt during each of the first 2 lessons. So you'll be getting into healthier habits immediately!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a body-intelligence approach to improving physical and mental fitness. That’s why it’s so popular with body-aware professionals such as dancers, sports-people, performers, actors / actresses, models and anyone with a genuine interest in maximising their spinal strength, muscle conditioning and overall fitness. The unique combination of exercise techniques in Pilates allows you to understand how your muscle-groups and skeletal system are functioning together, to create either balance or imbalance in the body. Pilates is designed to rebalance the body, bringing it into correct alignment.

Balanced body = wellbeing
Imbalanced body = discomfort, distraction, tension, stress, strain, pain, injury

Attending Pilates classes helps re-train more conscious, body-intelligent postures and movements. It uses controlled movements during classes. The result? Improved spinal strength, correct postural alignment, stronger and more flexible muscles, toned legs, toned stomach muscles, better breathing techniques, fitter body and state of mind.

"It is the mind itself that shapes the body."
Friedrich von Schiller

Your everyday physical movements are either accumulating a natural state of body-balance or imbalance. Which of these physical habits might be unconsciously causing imbalance, discomfort or pain in your body?

Are you accumulating body-imbalance due to:

- How you carry your handbag?
- How you carry your laptop or briefcase?
- How you use your mobile phone?
- How you use your Blackberry?
- How you sit at your desk – chair height, screen height, angle of neck and head?
- How you reach or stretch for things?
- How you type and use your keyboard and mouse?
- How you hold your spine, neck, posture at work – sitting, typing, speaking, walking?
- How you walk in high-heels?
- How you exercise, lift weights, run, walk, sit, sleep?
- Pregnancy and post-natal experiences?

Typical signs of body imbalance are:

- tiredness or irritability
- tension headaches
- sore neck
- shoulder tension
- lower or middle back pain
- elbow or wrist pain
- suffering whiplash, headaches or ongoing pain from physical injury
- suffering pain or discomfort from a sports injury of any kind
- general body tension or recurring pains

What are the main benefits of regular Pilates classes?

  • improved posture
  • naturally stronger spine and back muscles
  • standing and sitting straighter
  • improved concentration from a straighter spine
  • increased flexibility
  • toned legs
  • flatter tummy
  • easier breathing
  • enhanced feelings of well being
  • more energy


No prior experience of pilates is required.

Suitable for complete beginners and will boost confidence for joining any open Pilates class. Also ideal for people who have already done some group classes but need a refresher on Pilates principles and correct foundational techniques (sometimes called 'pilates improvers' level).

Injuries are often the result of the body over-using one side of the body, to compensate for a weak side. You’ll become aware if you have a weaker side during the course and learn what you personally need to do to re-balance the body, to reduce accumulation of imbalance that can eventually lead to strain, pain or injury.

Pilates is highly recommended by medical specialists and GPs for helping resolve back / neck problems, combatting osteoporosis, and for office workers who spend extended periods seated, using a computer, laptop and telephone, often resulting in lower - middle back pain (back pain being one of the highest causes of work absences in the UK).


"If, at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old.
If, at 60, you are subtle and strong, then you are young."
Joseph Pilates


Lesson 1

  • History of Pilates
  • Main aims of Pilates matwork practice
  • Posture Check
  • Guidelines to practising correctly
  • Understanding the Basic Principles of Pilates:

      1. Principle 1: importance of breathing the right way in Pilates
      2. Principle 2: pelvic placements
      3. Principle 3: ribcage placements
      4. Principle 4: scapular stabilisation and movement
      5. Principle 5: head and cervical placement

  • Use of therabands, straps, blocks, props in Pilates matwork
  • Practising to your ability
  • Homework

Lesson 2

  • Insights from self-practice homework
  • Rewiewing the Basic Principles of Pilates
  • Understand the planes of movement - flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion
  • Introducing the Basic Exercises
  • Building on previous lesson's techniques
  • Practising to your ability
  • Homework

Lesson 3

  • Insights from self-practice homework
  • Building on the Basic Exercises
  • Practising to your ability
  • Applying Pilates to everyday life
  • Homework

Lesson 4

  • Insights from self-practice homework
  • Building on the Basic Exercises
  • Practising to your ability
  • Revisiting Posture Check
  • Homework


"Thorough introduction, personal attention and posture correction.
The instructor gave clear, easy-to-understand
instructions, went at an appropriate pace, was friendly and the praise
was appreciated!"
Beginners Pilates Course - participant feedback



This practical introduction to Pilates is held over 4 consecutive lessons. A session or two of Pilates self-practice at home between lessons is encouraged, to boost discipline and apply what you've learnt.

Advance booking is required.

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